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Personnel Resources

UTAPSWeb is the system Individual Reservists must use to schedule their annual IDTs. IDT schedules for the following fiscal year must be built and submitted no later than Aug. 15 of each year. Below are several resources for using the UTAPSWeb system. Additional help topics can be found by using the help tab found within UTAPSWeb.

  • UTAPSWeb - Please access UTAPSWeb by logging-in to AROWS-R and using the drop-down menu at the top left of the screen
  • RIO UTAPSWeb Guide
  • Help Desk:
    • Email: afrc.utapsweb@us.af.mil
    • 1-877-294-5822, Opt. 2
    • DSN: 497-0166, Opt. 2
    • Commercial Fax: 478-327-0519
    • DSN Fax: 497-0519
    • Hours of operation: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (ET)

Enlisted Individual Reservists are eligible for uniform replacements for issued items only once every three years, IAW AFI 23-101, Material Management, AFRC Supplement, under the Fair Wear and Tear (FWT) Replacement. Requests for uniform replacement are is submitted on the AF 656, the order is placed in KYLOC and uniforms are mailed to members ready to wear.

NOTE: Due to FY budgeting, all request must be submitted no later than Aug. 31 for processing but may not be approved due to funding constraints.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Enlisted IRs
  • Replacements authorized once every three years for issue items ONLY

Request process:

Airman completes AF Form 656 and IR Uniform Agreement and submits request via myPers (Navigation: Contact Us -> Email TFSC -> Enlisted (drop-down menu) -> Compensation (drop-down menu) -> In the subject line, enter “Uniform Replacement”)

Request contents:

  • Completed AF Form 656
    • Provide your DOD ID number in place of SSAN (SSAN not accepted)
    • Provide your ETS date in the ETS Block (must have 180 days from DOS)
    • Provide quantity in “Req’d” column (reference AFI 36-3014, Attachment 3, Table A3.1 (male) Table A3.2 (female) for authorized quantity)
    • Provide the size you require in the “Sold” column
    • Provide your physical mailing address and telephone number on the form in the empty cells underneath “Maternity Shirt, Ctn/Poly (L/S or S/S)” 
  • IR Uniform Agreement

Forms and sample documents:

Maternity uniforms:

Female personnel are authorized a maternity uniform in-kind: one maternity jumper, one pair of slacks or one skirt, and one long sleeve maternity blues shirt.

In addition to completed AF Form 656 and IR Uniform Clothing Agreement, and AF Form 469, Duty Limiting Condition Report with the expected date of delivery is required.


Some items are not included under FWT: Cotton briefs, bath towels, handkerchiefs, socks, cotton undershirts, and female undergarments.

Notification process:

The status is updated in myPers when order is submitted.

Completion process:

Once member receives the uniform items, they are responsible for signing and submitting the signed AF 656 via the original myPers incident. Past Incidents are located by clicking on “Incidents/Messages” located on the top left corner of the myPers home page. 

Items not available in KYLOC:

Some uniform items that are covered under the FWT Replacement policy are not available in KYLOC. In order to replace these items, Individual Reservists must receive pre-approval for reimbursement, purchase the items out of pocket, and then submit an OF 1164, along with their receipts, for reimbursement. Items commonly unavailable in KYLOC include, but are not limited to: fleece jacket, fleece hat, cotton ABUs, black pumps and steel-toed boots. 

Request for reimbursement must be submitted and approved PRIOR to purchasing items.

Required documents:

  • AF 656
    • Provide your DOD ID number in place of SSAN (SSAN not accepted)
    • Provide your ETS date in the ETS Block (must have 180 days from DOS)
    • Provide quantity in “Req’d” column (reference AFI 36-3014, Attachment 3, Table A3.1 (male) Table A3.2 (female) for authorized quantity)
  • Signed IR Uniform Agreement 

Once member receives approval, they are responsible for purchasing items, signing and submitting the approved AF Form 656 and OF 1164 via the original myPers incident.

Reimbursement process for pre-approved purchases:

  1. Complete the OF 1164 by itemizing each purchase and annotating the cost of each item
  2. Maintain receipt(s) - receipt(s) will accompany the OF 1164 claim and are a mandatory inclusion
  3. IR will digitally sign in block 10 ‘Claimant Sign Here’

Reimbursement will be paid via DFAS direct deposit.

​Note: Due to current budgeting issues, request for reimbursement are currently on hold pending the release of funds. Reimbursement requests will be forwarded to DFAS for processing as soon as funds are approved on a first come first serve basis.

Common errors:

  • Missing DOD ID number
  • Sizes required for all items
  • Plastic and metal name tag are NOT available under the FWT program (reference AFI 23-101. Para.
  • Jacket, Poly, blue AF Shade must be processed on a separate 656
  • Missing mailing address
  • Requesting higher quantities than permitted 


Officer Individual Reservists are normally ineligible for uniform replacements. However, if you served on active duty orders for at least 91 consecutive days, you may be entitled to clothing allowance every two years.

Note: Officers must complete 91 days of active duty before submitting request

Eligibility criteria:

  • Officer IR's initial request is payable only once in a career or active duty
  • Request upon completing 91 consecutive days of active duty

Request process:

  • Officer completes AF 1969 and submits request via myPers (Navigation: Contact Us, Email TFSC, Officer (drop-down menu), Compensation(drop-down menu), in the Subject field, enter “Uniform Replacement”)

Request contents:

  • Completed AF 1969 
    • Completes blocks 1-6 
    • Active Duty Commander completes block 7-8 
    • Completes 9a for initial request or 9b for Active Duty 
    • Sign form 
  • Certified AF 938, Request and Authorized for Active Duty Training/Active Duty Tour 
    • Complete blocks 36-44

Notification process:

The status is updated via myPers when request is sent to HQ RIO Reserve Pay Office for processing. Member will receive a clothing stipend via myPay.

Required forms/additional documentation:

Q. How do I get paid after my Annual Tour is completed?

A. The fastest way for IMAs receive their pay for completing annual tour is by completing an electronic Tour of Duty Certification (TOD-C) in AROWS-R. Instructions on how to complete a TOD-C: 


Members may also submit certified orders (AF IMT 938) to their respective Reserve Pay Office (RPO). Ensure blocks 36-44 are certified prior to submission.

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Q. How do I obtain a CAC reader?

A. The Individual Reservist's active duty unit can issue CAC readers. If your unit doesn't have a CAC reader available, contact your servicing detachment. 

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Q. How do I re-enlist?

A. Complete a Selective Reenlistment Program (SRP) and obtain both supervisor and commander approval. The SRP is then forwarded to the Individual Reservist's servicing detachment. The detachment will staff the SRP to ARPC for DD Form 4 processing. Once the Individual Reservist receives the DD Form 4 from their detachment they can reenlist. Non-bonus career fields can reenlist within 180 days of ETS; bonus career fields can only reenlist within a 30 day window of ETS. If the Individual Reservist needs to request an SRP or DD 4, the POC is their servicing detachment.

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Q. How do I update my duty title?

A. Current duty title updates require a completed 2096 be prepared by your active duty unit and forwarded to the detachment for update in MILPDS. Duty history updates are submitted to ARPC for update via vPC-GR. Source documentation is required showing when the duty title was in effect (i.e. EPR/OPR).

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Q. How do I volunteer for deployment?

A. There are three ways Individual Reservists may volunteer for deployment:

  1. Volunteer Reserve System (VRS) accessed through ARCNet
  2. Contact your AFRC Functional Area Manager (FAM)
  3. Volunteer to take a unit deployment tasking through your active duty Unit Deployment Manager (UDM)

Visit http://www.arpc.afrc.af.mil/HQRIO/IMA-Deployments.aspx for more details. 

**NOTE**Individual Reservists must submit a Statement of Understanding (SOU) and AF Form 49 to servicing detachment for all deployments & exercises

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Q. I have already completed my readiness items; how can I get them updated in ARCNet?

A.  You will need to ensure readiness update actions have been made in the applicable system of record (i.e. AFFMS, ASIMS, MILPDS, etc.). You may also provide your supervisor or URC with copies of the source documents reflecting currency of all readiness items. Comments can also be added to your ARCNet readiness detail report to identify the requirement has been met. Typically ARCNet will reflect all updated information within 2-3 weeks. 

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Q. What is the difference between an Individual Reservist's R/R and FY requirement and what constitutes as a "Bad Fiscal Year"?

A. Individual Reservists have two participation requirements: Retirement & Retention (R/R) and Fiscal Year (FY). The R/R requirement is an annual requirement where the Individual Reservist must earn a minimum of 50 points during the calendar year. 20 satisfactory R/R years renders the member eligible for a Reserve retirement. The FY requirement is an AFRC requirement. All AT and IDTs must be completed during the FY (1 Oct-30 Sep). Only AT and IDTs can satisfy the FY requirement. MPA, RPA, School tours, ECI etc., can only be applied towards the member's R/R year, not the FY requirement.

If you do not meet your mandatory participation requirements (determined by your Reserve Sections Code), you will receive an unsatisfactory year.  

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Q. Why am I unable to submit my UTAPS schedule to my supervisor for approval?

A. First, ensure your supervisor has established an account in UTAPS. Second, all IDTs for the fiscal year must be built/accounted for in UTAPS before a member can submit his/her schedule to the supervisor for approval (either 24 or 48 IDT periods). 

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Q. How do I apply for retirement?

A. Whether applying for a Reserve or active component retirement, each member must apply electronically through vPC-GR. vPC-GR is accessed through MyPers. From the vPC-GR homepage, click on "dashboard", then "action requests".

NOTE: The effective date of retirement must be at least six months out from the date of submission and the member must have at least 20 years of satisfactory service (which can be an accumulation of active, Reserve, Guard, and/or time spent within another military component).

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Q: How do I know when I'm eligible for promotion?

A.  Enlisted - (Position Vacancy) Members must be assigned to a higher graded billet and meet all basic eligibility requirements, as outlined in AFI 36-2502, Table 8.2, dtd. 12, Dec. 2014, in order to be considered promotion eligible. Those requirements are: PME completion, readiness up-to-date, satisfactory FY & R/R participation (for previous & current year), hold appropriate skill level, and recommended by your unit commander.

Officers - The CY Officer Promotion Board Schedule of Events can be found on the MyPers website. Use the following search method to locate the schedule:

  • Reserve
  • Officer
  • Promotion

The basic TIG rules for Mandatory boards are:

Lt/Capt - 2 yrs; Maj - 7 yrs; Lt Col - 7 yrs; Col - 4 yrs

The basic TIG rules for Position Vacancy boards are:

Maj - 5 yrs & Lt Col - 5 yrs; N/A for Lt, Capt and Colonels 

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ESGR, a Department of Defense program, was established in 1972 to promote cooperation and understanding between Reserve Component Service members and their civilian employers and to assist in the resolution of conflicts arising from an employee's military commitment. ESGR is supported by a network of more than 4,500 volunteers in 54 committees located across all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam-CNMI (Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands), Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Volunteers, hailing from small business and industry, government, education, and prior military service bring a vast wealth of experience to assist in serving employers, Service members, and their families. Together with Headquarters ESGR staff and a small cadre of support staff for each State Committee, volunteers work to promote and enhance employer support for military service in the Guard and Reserve.

Contact the ESGR:

Individual Reservists who don't have access to email encryption may use AMRDEC-SAFE to securely transmit documents to HQ RIO. No CAC or official email address is required to access or use the system. However, using the non-CAC log-in option will need to verify their email every time they send documents. The maximum transfer size is 2 GB.


Notice to IR Airmen

18-028-STOP Movements in effect due to Hurricane Florence 8 days ago
18-027-Orders requests for Oct. 1-19 must be approved by Sep. 24 9 days ago
August newsletter for Individual Reservists now available 26 days ago
18-026 - Per-Diem policy changed effective 12 Aug 18 for long-term TDYs 36 days ago
18-025 - Update - IMAs must submit ETP letter for all AT requests for remainder of FY 2018 36 days ago
18-024 - IMAs must submit ETP letter for all AT requests by Jun 30th of each year 37 days ago
18-023 - IMAs must submit all IDTs for FY19 in UTAPS by August 15 40 days ago
July newsletter for Individual Reservists now available 64 days ago
June newsletter for Individual Reservists now available 93 days ago
18-022 - Submit all FY18 AT requests by June 15 98 days ago
18-021 - Next IR Orientation set for Aug 20-23, applications due July 6 99 days ago
18-020 -GTCC use now mandatory for all travelers 134 days ago
April newsletter for Individual Reservists available 145 days ago
18-019 - STEP II promotion applications due May 21 152 days ago
18-018 - IRs can now submit travel, pay documents via myPers 166 days ago
18-017 - IR Travel, Pay Offices training closures, March 29-30 180 days ago
March newsletter for Individual Reservists available 187 days ago
February newsletter for Individual Reservists available 208 days ago
18-012 - IR Travel Closure, Feb. 22 210 days ago
18-011 - TRICARE West participants must update autopayments 219 days ago
18-010 - CY19 EDEB Invitation to Apply | Susp: March 11, 2018 226 days ago
18-009 - VLPAD AFROTC opportunity for lieutenant colonels, selects 226 days ago
CY19 EDEB Invitation to Apply Release 229 days ago
18-008 - Deserving Airman commissioning opportunity 230 days ago
18-007 - Solicitation for multiple awards 237 days ago
18-006 - Government shutdown duty instructions for IRs 242 days ago
January newsletter for Individual Reservists available 244 days ago
18-002 - Nominations for Outstanding IR of the Year accepted until Feb. 11 252 days ago
18-001 - Solicitation for 12 Outstanding Airmen of the Year | Susp: Jan. 15 258 days ago
17-068 - 2018 IR Orientation course dates announced 271 days ago
December newsletter for Individual Reservists now available 273 days ago
17-065 - Updated Travel Companion for IRs available now 288 days ago
17-061 - November newsletter for IRs now available 307 days ago
17-060 - New location, contact info for IR Travel Office 309 days ago
17-059 - RSSB application deadline for Individual Reservists is Dec. 11 314 days ago
17-060 - IDT travel and lodging reimbursements delayed 315 days ago
17-057 - New location, contact info for IR Travel Office 316 days ago
17-056 - IRs should update beneficiaries in new SGLI system 329 days ago
17-055 - Solicitation for multiple awards 330 days ago
17-053 - IRs must obtain flu vaccine by Dec. 31 334 days ago
October newsletter for Individual Reservists now available 336 days ago
17-052 - Nominations for JAYCEES TOYA awards due Nov. 1 341 days ago
17-050 - FY17 AFRC Medical Awards solicitation | Susp: Oct. 23. 351 days ago
17-048 - IRs must complete annual AFPAAS update 357 days ago
17-046 - CY18 CCM Screening Board instructions for Individual Reservists 358 days ago
17-047 - IMA Travel Office experiencing email encryption issues 358 days ago
17-043 - All orders for Sept 27-Oct 13 must approved by Sept 26 362 days ago
September newsletter for Individual Reservists now available 1 years 0 days ago
July newsletter for Individual Reservists now available 1 years 70 days ago
17-038: Individual Reservist RDEDB applications due Aug. 28 1 years 71 days ago
17-037 - June newsletter for Individual Reservists available 1 years 91 days ago
17-033 - All AT requests must be submitted by June 30 1 years 110 days ago
17-032 IR Orientation registration deadline extended to June 29 1 years 111 days ago
May newsletter for Individual Reservists available 1 years 120 days ago
17-027 - Use of online booking tools to rent private residences for lodging restricted 1 years 123 days ago
17-026 - New IR Orientation dates set 1 years 126 days ago
17-024 - 6-month wait on voluntary assignments enforced for FY17 1 years 146 days ago
17-023 - Active-duty opportunity for Air Force Reserve Defenders 1 years 146 days ago
17-022 - Solicitation for AF Language Awards 1 years 146 days ago
17-021 - Solicitation for multiple awards 1 years 146 days ago
17-020 - Nominations for STEP II due May 18 1 years 148 days ago
17-018 - Policy restricting AirBnB use expected soon 1 years 154 days ago
17-017 - MPA opportunities in USAFE 1 years 154 days ago
April newsletter for Individual Reservists available 1 years 154 days ago
HQ RIO announces top Individual Reservists of 2016 1 years 167 days ago
17-015 - IR NOTAM - Solicitation for multiple awards 1 years 182 days ago
17-013 - IR NOTAM - IRs should check point credit summary 1 years 187 days ago
March newsletter for Individual Reservists available 1 years 188 days ago
17-012 - IR NOTAM - Solicitation for multiple awards 1 years 208 days ago
February newsletter for IMAs available 1 years 210 days ago
New mobile app for IMAs is “everywhere you are” 1 years 224 days ago
17-008 - AROWS-R, UTAPSweb available from .com networks 1 years 236 days ago
17-005 - May IR Orientation open for applications 1 years 242 days ago
17-004 - January newsletter for IMAs available 1 years 244 days ago
17-003 - AROWS-R, UTAPS .com issue persists, resolution expected soon 1 years 245 days ago
17-002 - Change to policy on limiting ADOS orders of pregnant reservists 1 years 250 days ago
17-001 - HQ RIO Detachment 4 network outage 1 years 256 days ago
IR NOTAMs are numbered sequentially; NOTAMs not listed in the online record may be obtained by contacting the member's servicing HQ RIO detachment directly.

Notice to IR Airmen Archive

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HQ RIO and Detachment Events

Det 6 Newcomer's Briefing
Start Date/Time:
Thursday, February 15, 2018 1:00 PM (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
End Date/Time:
Thursday, February 15, 2018 4:00 PM (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Recurring Event:
Recurring Event On the Third Thursday of the month until 11/15/2018 (total 15 events)
Normal Priority

This briefing is designed to assist newly assigned IMAs in understanding the basics of their role in the Air Force Reserve Program.  We will discuss roles and responsibilities, organization structure, pay and participation, member entitlements, career progression, retirement/retention date, etc. 

Please keep in mind that the curriculum was developed specifically to equip you for your distinctive role in today's Air Force, and also to educate you on your responsibilities as an IMA.

If you're not able to attend in-person you can attend via DCS.  The link for DCS is https://conference.apps.mil/webconf/NewcomersBriefing

It's advised that you ensure you're able to connect prior to the meeting.

Please RSVP, and indicate if you will be attending in person or via DCS, to RIODet6@us.af.mil, with your Name, Rank and Unit of Assignment.  Det 6 Newcomer's Briefings are held every third Thursday of the month.

Owned by ARPC Admin On Thursday, March 22, 2018
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