The following videos are briefings and how-to content on a variety of topics for MPF's, CSS's and Air Reserve Component Airmen. More video resources will be posted as they become updated and available. 

Note: At this time, the Air Force network doesn't allow YouTube videos to be played, but they can be viewed off network or on a personal device. If your unit would like an MP4 file, please contact  



This video series is comprised of briefings presented during the November virtual ARC Orientation Course for Air Force Reserve support personnel.ARC Orientation courses provide members access to subject matter experts from HQ Air Reserve Personnel Center, Buckley AFB, Colorado, to discuss topics impacting Airmen at every stage of the Airman Life Cycle. While the content of these briefings is primarily tailored to the MPF/CSS audience, these videos provide information to all AF Reserve personnel.




                                                                                        Day 1 & Day 2

                                                  2021 ARC Orientation Day 1     2021 ARC Orientation Day 2

These Evaluation training videos are held monthly for evaluation technicians and others involved in the evaluation training process at their units.