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Foreign Government Employment

A Regular Air Force or Reserve retiree seeking any type of civil employment with, or supporting a foreign government agency, must apply and be granted the joint approval of the Secretary of the Air Force and Secretary of State prior to starting employment. Failure to adhere to this notification requirement could result in the loss of the retiree’s military retirement pay.

Foreign government employment is defined as any civil employment with a foreign government agency, a company with significant ties to a foreign government, or a contractor working on behalf of a foreign government. This process also applies to prospective employees who may not receive compensation for their work.

Air Force Instruction 36-2913, Request for Approval of Foreign Government Employment of Air Force Members, outlines the rules, and required documentation; as well as application instructions.


Q: I am a member of the Ready Reserve (ANG, AFR Unit, IMA, PIRR, IRR), am I eligible for foreign government employment?
A: No. Members of the Ready Reserve are ineligible for employment by foreign governments.

Q: I am in the Retired Reserves (either awaiting/receiving pay). Am I eligible for foreign government employment and how do I apply?
A: Yes, all retirees, regardless of component, are eligible. Before accepting employment with a foreign government, members must submit a request and receive approval in accordance with AFI 36-2913. Air Force Reserve retirees submit requests to ARPC/DPAMR, 18420 E. Silver Creek Ave, Bldg. 390 MS 68, Buckley AFB CO 80011. Additional information can be found on the following website:

If you require additional information, please submit questions to ARPC Reserve Service Programs through MyPers Console.