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Retired Reserve

Point Valuation for Retirement Benefits (2016)
Reservists, Guard Members

Point valuation charts allow reservists to calculate their approximate gross monthly retired pay. POINT VALUATION CHARTS

The exact amount received is determined when retired pay is applied for and is computed on the base pay in effect when retired pay is granted.

Years of service for base pay equals the total years of military service (both active and inactive).

Airmen can also calculate their retired pay by using the retirement benefits calculator online at

The Retired Reserve consists of two categories:

  • Those receiving retired pay
  • Those who have met all requirements for retired pay except for attainment of retired pay age. Certain active duty orders since January 2008 qualify members to receive retired pay before age 60. Airmen who believe they have qualifying active duty time should submit orders through the Reduced Retired Pay Age Application (located on vPC).


To attain eligibility for retired pay under Title 10, U.S.C., 12731, normally at age 60, reservists must complete at least 20 years of satisfactory service. Airmen in the Selected Reserve who have been found physically unfit for continued service and have completed at least 15 years, but less than 20 years, of satisfactory service are eligible for transfer to the Retired Reserve under Title 10, U.S.C., 12731b. Airmen meeting the eligibility requirements for pay are issued a “Notification of Eligibility for Reserve Retired Pay” letter and are eligible to participate in the Reserve Component Survivor Benefit Plan.

Airmen eligible for retired pay under Title 10, U.S.C., 12731 and 12731b are eligible for certain benefits before they reach age 60.

First, upon receipt of the notification letter, they are enrolled in the RCSBP. This plan allows Airmen to provide an annuity of up to 55 percent of retired pay to an eligible, designated beneficiary upon their death. The cost of the
RCSBP coverage is not paid until the Airman starts receiving Reserve retired pay.

Second, upon transfer to the Retired Reserve, they may participate in open mess functions if authorized by the installation commander; wear the uniform on appropriate occasions; possess an ID card, DD Form 2AF; and use space-available air transportation. They are eligible to participate in TRICARE Retired Reserve and the TRICARE Retiree Dental Program. They are also authorized full access to a base exchange and commissary.

Third, full-time coverage under the Veterans Group Life Insurance program is also available. Information on this program is forwarded upon transfer to the Retired Reserve, or call 800-419-1473 to obtain an application.

Fourth, persons in Retired Reserve Section ZA are automatically furnished information on how to apply for retired pay about four months before their retirement pay eligibility date, normally age 60.

The person completes the application forms and returns them to ARPC at least 45 days before the retired pay effective date.

Upon receipt of retired pay, normally at age 60, persons receive the same benefits allocated for retired members of the active Air Force. (SGLI for Family Members)

If qualified, Airmen who meet the conditions of maximum age, maximum service or are twice deferred for promotion, will automatically be transferred into the Retired Reserve on their MSD/HYTD unless the Airman applies to be discharged.

Voluntary Retirement: Reservist and ANG members must apply for transfer to the Retired Reserve using the vPC dashboard found within myPers.

General officers will continue to use the AF Form 131, Application for Transfer to the Retired Reserve, available online at

Guard and Reserve Airmen may also qualify for immediate retired pay by accumulating at least 20 years of total active federal military service, Title 10, U.S.C., 8911/8914.

They also apply by using the vPC dashboard found within myPers.


Retired pay formula: points X point value = monthly pay

Retired pay formula for members who first joined any military service on Sept. 7, 1980 or before: retirement points X point value = monthly pay

A master sergeant with more than 26 years of service would use the factor .34352.

Assuming the Airman had accrued 3,250 retirement points during the tenure of service and had attained retired pay age (normally age 60), the monthly retired pay would be computed by multiplying 3,250 by .35148 for about $1,142.31.

Similarly, a lieutenant colonel with 3,000 retirement points and more than 26 years of service would use the factor .60248. The monthly retired pay would be computed by multiplying 3,000 by .61642 for about $1,849.44.