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Verne Orr Award

This graphic highlights which uploaded articles to the website are also in myPers.

This graphic highlights which uploaded articles to the website are also in myPers.

This Air Force Association (AFA) award recognizes an Air Force unit (Active, Reserve, or Guard) which makes the most effective use of its human resources. All Air Force units and organizations are eligible, regardless of size. The accomplishments of the unit should be mission-oriented and focus on how the unit excelled in its use of people to achieve its full potential and accomplish the mission.

Nomination Authority

Organizations and base-level personnel must contact their major command (MAJCOM), combatant command (COCOM), field operating agency (FOA), direct reporting unit (DRU), or MAJCOM equivalent for applicable suspense date and additional information regarding nomination procedures.

Nomination Package


The write up is limited to 30 lines (including headers, which must stand alone from the bullets), single-spaced, size 12 font, using only the AF Form 1206 (MUST USE THE MOST RECENT FORM VERSION ON E-PUBS), nomination for award. Bullet format is mandatory. Only common acronyms known throughout the Air Force will be authorized (AF, USAFE, ACC, CC, TDY, NCO). Include the following lead-ins/headers in the specific accomplishments block of the write-up.

Mission Accomplishment - describe the units' or organization's overall effectiveness and contributions in fulfilling its role and mission. Describe any outstanding accomplishments the unit or organization had, how they were accomplished, why they were undertaken, and the overall impact they had on the Air Force.

Management of Resources - focus on the effective management of human resources. Include dollar or time savings, productivity increases, long-range impact, and general applicability to other sections or organizations. Where possible, use quantitative data to substantiate the write-up.


Limited to no less than 50 words and no more than 70 words (not including opening and closing statements), which briefly and concisely describes the unit’s accomplishments (see Air Force Instruction 36-2805, Attachment 3, for format). Acronyms are not authorized in the citation.

Recommendation Letter

Must be signed by the MAJCOM/COCOM/FOA/DRU commander, vice commander, or executive director. This may be delegated to the MAJCOM/A1 by the MAJCOM/COCOM/FOA/DRU commander.

Nomination Submission

Each MAJCOM/COCOM/FOA/DRU may submit only one nomination and will send in their nominations no later than 5 January 2018. Send nominations in original format to AFPC/DP1SSP (AFPC.DP1SP.RecognitionProcess@us.af.mil). the only scanned documents we will accept are those with signatures, such as recommendation letters. The AF Form 1206 must have the email address of the nominee and the nominating commander. The AF Form 1206 MUST be sent in its original format (not scanned), and all other documents should be in word document format.

If nomination package(s) is not received by the established suspense date and an extension has not been approved, the nomination package will not be considered and will be returned with no action.