TSgt. Miriam Gregory (DS): Our MSG/CC asked us to build a FSS Year and Review calendar. I called TSgt Gregory to see if she had any examples that could get us started. She didn't have the answer right away but continued to ask different offices and she finally found the perfect product. I was so impressed with her professionalism and work ethic. I really appreciate her efforts, it made this project so much easier. Thank you so much for your time.
Maj. Kelli Phillips

Ms. Felicia Foster (DS): I would like to sincerely thank you for your contributions to our 2017 Front Range Individual Mobilization Augmentee Common Training Assembly. Your CTA provides dozens of IMAs each year with an invaluable networking opportunity and the chance to review important policies and procedures affecting their readiness and overall preparedness. This year proved no different and we received excellent feedback from our attendees. The information briefed and questions answered will undoubtedly assist our IMAs in more effectively performing their missions while successfully navigating the waters of being a Reservist among primarily active duty counterparts. We plan to host future CTAs annually in the Spring to better accommodate tour schedules and hopefully allow more IMAs to attend the event in person. We would very much appreciate your continued support at future events and look forward to having you as part of our team.
Col. Lisa Johnson

Ms. Gretta Burroughs and Ms. Jessica Muniz (DS): I am sorry we didn't have the chance to meet during my visit to ARPC this week. However, I must tell you how much I appreciate the effort you have made to make Terry and me feel so welcome! Jessica and Gretta in particular were outstanding! So professional, I know they must make you proud. I also enjoyed meeting Kevin, another personnelist and the rest of your front office team. I was impressed by the amazing progress we've made in total force personnel support since my tenure. Surprised too that some of the team members who were there in 95-97 are still dedicated to this great mission. We have a great Air Force. Please thank all who contributed to making my long overdue visit so very rewarding.
Col. (Ret) Frank P. Cyr

Maj. Janelle O'Brien, MSgts. Maureen Nunez and Daniel Reagan and TSgt. Adrian Salas (DPA): I've spoken with Maj O'Brien and MSgt Nunez on numerous occasions and they have been extremely helpful and reassuring to us that the proper folks are working our issues. Recently MSgt Reagan helped us to get an advertisement processed in record time and TSgt Salas took the time to work with us on amending an order to avoid an unforeseen schedule conflict on one of our new hires. Although I'm sure they think they were only doing their jobs, I can assure you that their actions were extremely helpful and impactful to our mission. Both actions prevented mission strain and potential failure due to manning. Please pass along my heartfelt thank you to these folks for going over and above for the 413th.
Lt. Col. William Bath

Ms. Kyjhana Thomas and SSgt. Cyril Rumsey (DPA): SAF wanted DPA to expedite an application and Ms. Thomas and SSgt Rumsey exceeded their customer service. Lt Col Reyes wanted DPA to provide information on FLPAD data for SAF/MR. This required research to ensure we met the expectation. Ms. Thomas and SSgt Rumsey exceeded the suspense.
Lt. Col. Reyes

Maj. Rhett Sigmon (DPA): I met Maj Sigmon earlier in the year on a visit to ARPC and he let me know then if I needed assistance regarding officer assignments, call him. I cashed in on his offer this afternoon. We had a pilot here at SJ who was grounded until his appointment order was published. Maj Sigmund immediately assisted, the order was delivered to the unit within the hour and the pilot is cleared to fly tomorrow. His quick efforts today helped to put an AFR tanker pilot in the air.
CMSgt. Bryan Schexnayder

Mr. Kyle Goldberg (FM): Kyle dropped everything and did a very quick turn on Mr. George Edwards' deployment orders. This not only enabled the Air Force to fulfill its commitment, but it alleviated a tremendous amount of stress being felt by George. It's a great example of taking care of an ARPC team member. Thanks Mr. Goldberg.
Lt. Col. Michael Masters

Ms. Delaina Hull (DPT); Ms. Sylvia Gallegos (FM); MSgt. Wendy Barraza (RIO): While transiting the Denver area for my civilian position, I stopped by ARPC to tidy up some lingering issues I hadn't had much luck resolving via vPC-GR. It just so happened I visited the one business day the building was on a morale call starting at 10. Thankfully I found three stellar airman, Ms. Delaina Hull, Ms. Sylvia Gallegos and MSgt Barraza. They all refused to leave for the event assisting me until I found the answers I was looking for. i am grateful for their help and was able to reconcile all my problem areas. Those of us in the FAO world will greatly miss Ms. Hull as she retires.
Lt. Col. Michael Kunkler

TSgts. Lacy Hannah and Daniel Zeiner (RIO): Both TSgt Hannah and TSgt Zeiner worked hard to prepare me to support Ulchi Freedom Guardian 2017. I want to convey my particular gratitude for TSgt Hannah's diligence in working the medical waiver process between AFRC/SG, the 359 MDG/SGPF and the PACAG/SG. I am confident that without their assistance I would be in a critical time crunch or even unable to deploy. Their efforts will certainly have a positive impact on the effectiveness and success of the JACCE at CP Tango during UFG17. Thanks.
James Payne

Maj. Costau Bastien (PB): I want to thank you for your help in getting Col Casey Burrill promoted. His spouse is terminally ill and her last wish was to see her husband have a pin on ceremony before she passed away. Maj Bastien stepped up and worked his magic and overcame several obstacles in a short time, trying to make her request happen for the family. It was a difficult and sensitive situation but due to Maj Bastien's quick thinking and expert knowledge, the Wing and family were able to conduct a ceremony, making it very memorable for the family. When no one else could find a way to make this work, he found a way to say "YES".
Col. Gina Sabric

Board Operations (PB): We just finished the CY17 RBGGB early and that’s after EBoss crashed for an afternoon. Your Team in PBO is awesome. They make me proud to know what talent we have to run these crucial boards. Please give them a shout out at your next opportunity.
Maj. Gen. Donald Lindberg

Ms. Marsea Lewis, SSgt. Adam Van Horn, MSgt. Joshua Mathews (DPT): Please extend my sincere gratitude to Ms Lewis, SSgt Van Horn and MSgt Mathews. A former Director of the Air National Guard, Lt Gen (Ret) Daniel James III passed away and NGB Protocol needed help with his awards and decorations. Ms. Lewis and SSgt Van Horn stopped what they were working on and verified the correct order and then developed a visual picture of how the awards and decorations should be arranged. In addition, the Chief National Guard Bureau requested the citations for Gen James' distinguished flying crosses and while not MSgt Mathews job he also dropped all he was doing to provide this information to the Chief NGB for the eulogy.
Col. Lisa Traynor

MSgt. Juan Williams, Ms. Teri Eastman (DPT): I applied for retirement after completing 30 years of total service and 22 years as Active Duty guard. I ran into some problems with the system and my application process was stuck in limbo. My retirement ceremony was Aug. 4 and I didn't think the issues would be fixed in time. I was put in contact with MSgt Williams and Teri Eastman. MSgt Williams is a rock star and in a matter of a few days my retirement order was cut, all certificates ordered, flag ordered, and promised I would receive it in a few days. Everything arrived a few days later. I wanted to say thank you to MSgt Williams and Teri for their outstanding performance and customer service attitude and their eagerness to help was commendable. Teri worked wonders as well. Thank you and please know that the hard work and dedication of the Airmen at ARPC does not go unnoticed.
CMSgt. Joseph Sluder

SSgt. Rachael Smith (DPT): Thank you for providing outstanding customer service for a very time sensitive situation. SSgt Smith worked on assisting with transferring a member from GA ANG to the USAFR for a commissioning opportunity. She was not only super pleasant to speak with but was able to complete the requested separation order while we were on the phone and sent it to me so I could forward to the member's new unit. SSgt Smith exhibited outstanding professionalism and customer service and represented herself, you and your organization outstandingly. Great job and keep up the good work!
MSgt. Shannon Booker