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The Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center, located on Buckley Space Force Base in Aurora, Colorado, is a major command direct reporting unit of Air Force Reserve Command with technical and policy guidance provided by the Chief of Air Force. HQ ARPC is comprised of four directorates, the Director of Staff, and the commander’s special staff. Headquarters Readiness and Integration Organization, co-located with HQ ARPC, reports to the HQ ARPC commander.

HQ ARPC is the organization charged with executing policy created by Headquarters Air Force and the National Guard Bureau, as well as providing direct support to wing-level Force Support Staffs and Commander Support Staffs.

Our wartime mission is to manage the Pre-trained Individual Manpower (PIM) which includes the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) and standby reserve.

HQ ARPC serves the Total Force, which includes Guard, Reserve, and active duty members. More than 50 percent of the total number of customers are retirees, which is an ever-growing population.












DPA - Directorate of Assignments
Facilitates developmental team boards for every AFSC in the AF Reserve. They also facilitate all of the developmental education boards to include the RSSB, EDEB, and RDEDB. 

DPT - Directorate of Total Force Services
HQ ARPC’s largest directorate provides a wide variety services including processes retirements, evaluations, awards and decorations, and DD 214 for the Total Force.

DPX - Directorate of Future Operations and Integration
Responsible for the internal communication systems that enable technicians to process personnel actions. They are also responsible for multiple applications on the Virtual Personnel Center, allowing the Total Force to initiate personnel action requests.

PB - Promotion Board Secretariat
Conducts officer promotion boards in accordance with DoD Instructions, Air Force Instructions, Secretary of the Air Force direction and law. Thousands of personnel records are screened each year to find the most qualified Air Reserve Component officers are promoted to the next higher grade.