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The Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center, located at Buckley AFB, Colo., is a major command direct reporting unit of Air Force Reserve Command with technical and policy guidance provided by the Chief of Air Force Reserve. 


The center was established Nov. 1, 1953, as Detachment 1, Headquarters Continental Air Command, to centralize the custody and maintenance of master personnel records of Reserve Airmen not on extended active duty. The detachment officially began operations March 1, 1954, at 3800 York Street in Denver, Colo., and soon had responsibilities for a wide variety of personnel actions, including administrative capability for mobilization of the Air Force Reserve.

The organization became Headquarters Air Reserve Records Center Jan. 1, 1957, acquiring the status of a numbered Air Force within Continental Air Command. Because of increasing involvement in all areas of personnel management, the center was renamed the Air Reserve Personnel Center, Sept. 1, 1965. ARPC was designated a separate operating agency Aug. 1, 1968, with no significant change in mission. The center moved to Lowry Air Force Base in September 1976. In 1978, its status changed to that of a direct reporting unit and organizational element of the Air Force Reserve. Separate operating agency status was re-established May 1, 1983. The center was designated as a field operating agency Feb. 5, 1991. With the establishment of the Air Force Reserve Command in February 1997, ARPC was assigned to AFRC as a major command direct reporting unit. Responsibility for maintaining personnel records of Air National Guard officers was added in July 1971, and enlisted Airmen in March 1978.

For more than 60 years, ARPC has provided personnel and administrative services for the Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, and retired members.

The Air Force relied on those services to activate reservists during a national emergency or in time of war. Most significantly, ARPC supported six major mobilizations of reservists since the 1960s, beginning with the Berlin Crisis of 1961-1962 and continuing through current operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 1962, the center introduced a national five-digit grid address system that made it easier to process address changes for reservists and arrange their assignments. Later, this address system became the basis for the post office department's ZIP code system.

In August 2011, the center relocated to our present facility on Buckley Air Force Base. This move was conducted without any downtime or hindrance in providing prompt and quality support to generations of Airmen.

In 2012, the Air Force celebrated its 65th anniversary. The American people expressed pride in the achievements of their nation's Air Force and its continuing role in promoting peace and security throughout the world.

Today, the center is responsible for personnel support to nearly 1.3 million Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve and retired members, ensuring they are ready to deliver strategic total force war-fighting capability for the Air Force. From initial entry to retirement, the center provides world-class support for generations of Airmen throughout their military careers. As members of the total force, the men and women of ARPC can face the challenges that lie ahead with the confidence and knowledge of both the center's and Air Force's heritage and tradition of excellence.

HQ ARPC Services Provided


CONTACT INFO: (720) 847-3016 

- Responsible for the daily activities of the Center as it “Supports Generations of Airmen” 
- Advises the commander on a broad spectrum of operational issues and provides management consultation to improve effectiveness and efficiency throughout the organization  

- Develop, implement and sustain a comprehensive workforce development program for ARPC which includes developmental team events, mentoring program elements, succession management, professional and personal education 
- Provides leadership with recommendations to improve workforce effectiveness and efficiency while providing management consultation regarding the effective and efficient management of manpower and personnel 
- Develops standard performance measures for data driven decision making, facilitates monthly departmental performance health checks to reach customer satisfaction goals, provide recommendations to improve first contact resolution  

- Responsible for ARPC building maintenance, work orders, improvements, and workspace modifications  

- Responsible for daily contracting activities within the center - Participate in requirements, definition, and pre-award activities 
- Facilitate and educate contract management/recommendation with all directorates.

- Serves as the institutional memory and provides objective, accurate, descriptive, and interpretive records of ARPC operations that enable our leaders to approach current and future problems and concerns more intelligently and professionally  

- Ensures the Commander and ARPC make a positive first impression during a visit, as well as uphold the military traditions, customs, and courtesies in all ceremonies and official events  


- Provides ARPC directorate subject matter experts (SMEs) assistance in the design, development and implementation of plans pertaining to the management of AFRC members 
- Assists as a policy conduit between Air Staff, AFRC/A1K and ARPC Subject Matter Experts in the creation of personnel policy or procedures and in the administration of new or revised policies for ARPC serviced Airmen 
- Serves as the ARPC POC for legislative issues, providing a liaison between AF/REI and ARPC directorates  

- Manages and coordinates all ARPC TMT taskers and provides group/one-on-one training and maintains TMT Users/Orgs 
- Manages commander’s weekly staff meeting slides, and provides weekly updates for weekly HQ AFRC VTC 
- Manages Newcomers Orientation (Right Start) program, ARC Field Training Class, Spread the Word (STW) briefing team  

- Applies AFSO Lean tools to facilitate CPI events for internal and external ARPC customers and stakeholders 
- Provides AFSO Awareness, Green Belt and L2 training to ARPC personnel 
- Oversees and trains ARPC personnel on self-inspection program (MICT) and develops internal control measures for MICP to ensure compliance and mission success - Facilitates Strategic Planning and SA&D events aligned with AFRC and HCM strategic goals and objectives  

CONTACT INFO: (720) 847-3050  

- Serves as the advisor for all financial matters to ARPC Commander 
- Provides ARPC staff and directorates solid financial management expertise in the budget planning, formulation, and execution process in order to meet AFRC/FM timelines - Researches and resolves financial policy issues that occur between ARPC directorates or outside agencies 
- Assists as a FM policy conduit between AFRC-FM, RIO, and ARPC Subject Matter Experts in the creation of financial policy or procedures and in the administration of new or revised financial policies for ARPC serviced Airmen 
- Serves as the ARPC focal point with HQ AFRC for the annual Statement of Assurance, Economic Analysis, Tri-Annual Review, FIAR, and the ODL 
- Updates Directors on upcoming Appropriation Bill or Continuing Resolution (CR) which affects ARPC day-to-day mission 
- Manages AFRC-FM calls for unfunded requests (UFRs) for ARPC and subordinate units 
- Responsible for resource management system training and education of key staff within ARPC and subordinates 
- Responsible for certifying “availability of funding” for all financial documents that impact ARPC obligating authority; ARPC lead for executing “Year-end closeout” and activities included in this process 
- ARPC subject matter expert and manager for budgetary financial systems (BQ, DEAMS, IAPS, ABSS, PBAS, BRS, & CRIS)  

- Manages, coordinates and process pay/payments for all ARPC Muster members, Bonus Program, CIP, SAFE Pay, ARTS, Legal, Religious, Guard Dual Reserve, and HPSP/FAP students 
- ARPC subject matter expert and manager for financial systems impacting pay (AROWS, UTAPS, DTS, ATAAPS, & DJMS) 
- Generate and certify military orders for all HPSP & FAP students. - Audit all HPSP/FAP student travel vouchers prior to sending to Dobbins Travel Office for processing - Responsible for certifying all travel & participating orders for all ARPC personnel and subordinates (RIO). 
- Provide travel guidance to all ARPC personnel and HPSP/FAP students - Serves at the focal point for CMS cases that involve members pay 
- Liaison with AFIT & DFAS for issues involved with members pay - Manage “Special Actions”, oversee the debt collection process as well as military member BAH Re-certification actions  

CONTACT INFO: (720) 847-3277
- Provides legal advice to ARPC commander and key staff; provides counsel and renders legal opinions on a broad spectrum of Reserve matters 
- Represents ARPC & Air Force in labor-management relations, equal opportunity, and civilian personnel law cases 
- Advises ARPC Commander, and Commanders Air Force-wide, on military justice and administrative actions involving Reservists 
- Implements AFI 36-3209 (Separation and Discharge of Reserve and Guard Personnel); prepares cases for Uniform Code of Military Justice action and general court-martial convening authority prosecution - Advises commanders worldwide on all Reserve mobilization matters--ensures compliance with policy and statute 
- Provides guidance to ARPC commander and personnel on all issues involving ethics and fiscal law  

CONTACT INFO: (720) 847-3044
- Provide candid, timely communication counsel, guidance 
- Provide effective, efficient two-way communication tools to build, maintain, and strengthen morale and readiness
- Strengthen bonds between the air reserve component (ARC) and the public through open, timely, and honest dialogue 
- Build trust and support by showcasing the ARC as a community partner and responsible steward of public resources
- Develop, implement communication strategies aimed at informing total force Airmen and local, regional, national audiences