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ARC Field Orientation


The Air Reserve Personnel Center offers an opportunity for Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve members to become acquainted with the services and customer support available at ARPC. The quarterly, unit-funded course also aims to foster cooperation between ARPC and members in the field. It focuses on various changes in processes that have been made and what members in the field can do to help spread the word.

The intended audience for this course are commander support staff and force support squadron members however, commanders and senior managers are welcome at attend. 

Please ensure that all attendees meet dress and appearance standards.

Sample of briefing topics:
-- Separations/Retirements
-- DD Forms 214 
-- Assignments/Conditional Releases
-- Entitlements
-- Point Credit
-- Officer Promotions Boards
-- Evaluations

Class size is 70 and available on a first-come first-served basis. In order to accommodate more people from different units and components, we have to limit the number of attendees per unit to three people, per class. 

2019 Schedule
Nov 6-7 FULL

2020 Schedule
Feb 12-13
May 13-14
Aug 12-13
Nov 4-5

Please note that this is not a formal school; the attendee's unit funds the TDY.

After ARPC/DS has confirmed registration in the class. Travel arrangements should be made on the dates preceding and following the class dates and should include a rental car. ARPC will provide billeting/hotel information.

To RSVP, email the following information to

NAME (Last, First, MI):
Phone (DSN/Commercial):
Alternate Contact Name:
Alternate Contact Phone:
Billeting/Hotel Arrival Date:
Billeting/Hotel Departure Date:
Class Dates:
Authority: Title 10 U.S.C., Subtitle E, Part 1 Chapter 1011, 10503.
Purpose: To register for the Air National Guard Orientation at the Air Reserve Personnel Center.
Routine Use(s): Information may be disclosed to any Federal, state and local agencies in pursuit of their official duties. It may be used for other lawful purposes, including law enforcement and litigation.
Disclosure: Furnishing the information is voluntary. If you do not give the requested information it may result in incomplete assistance to member

Point of Contact:
18420 E. Silver Creek St., Bldg 390, MS68
Buckley AFB CO 80011
Comm: 720-847-3026
DSN: 847-3026

Day One Slides - November 2019
Day Two Slides - November 2019