ANG/AFR Orientation Courses


*Current plans for future orientation courses are on hold, stay tuned for updates in the future. 

Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Orientation Courses

The Air Reserve Personnel Center offers an opportunity for both Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve force support personnel to become better acquainted with HQ ARPC’s services, processes and customer support options provided for the field. Orientation courses will be tailored to the specific needs of the Guard and Reserve, alternating each quarter to provide each component two courses each year. Courses will focus on process and policy updates impacting the field and will provide force support personnel resources to better serve their organizations.

All orientation courses will be held virtually in order to maximize participation and eliminate the need for units to incur the travel costs associated with sending representatives to Buckley AFB. While these courses are designed for force support personnel, anyone interested is able to attend.

Announcements for upcoming orientation courses will be made through the HQ ARPC Public Affairs office and in addition to Guard and Reserve A1 communication methods.

Orientation Courses will include the following topics at a minimum.

-- Separations/Retirements        

-- DD Forms 214             

-- Entitlements                

-- Point Credit                 

-- Officer Promotions Boards     

-- Evaluations                  



--Post 9/11 GI Bill           


2021 ANG Orientation Courses

March 10-11

September 9-10


2021 AF Reserve Orientation Courses

June 28-29

December 8-9


To register for upcoming courses, email the following information to


NAME (Last, First, MI):


Phone (DSN/Commercial):




Class Dates:


Point of Contact:  Mr. Mark Nelson, ARPC/DS-HO

Comm: 720-847-3026

DSN: 847-3026

For the ANG:
Day One Slides - August 2020
Day Two Slides - August 2020