The following procedures are for Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Casualty Reporting Procedures for Casualty Assistance Representatives (CARs): 

If duty status is:

Report to:

- Active Duty (AD) 

- Active Duty for Training (ADT) 

- Inactive Duty for Training (IDT) 

- Performing authorized travel directly to or from such duties

Randolph AFB, Texas
DSN 665-3505 or 
Commercial 210-565-3505 or 
e-mail AFPC.casualty@US.AF.MIL

- Non-duty (Guard/Reserve)
- Retired Air Reserve Component servicemember not eligible to receive retirement pay (Gray Area) 

- USAFR participating servicemembers (Unit Assigned/IMA) 

- USAFR nonparticipating service member (IRR)

Please contact a Casualty Assistance Representative (CAR) to report a casualty. You can find a local CAR by calling 877-353-6807. 


The CAR should submit a Casualty Report form through myPers incident to report a non-duty status casualty.


Casualty Assistance Representatives can contact ARPC at 720-847-3500 or DSN 847-3500.

- Guard/Reserve service member older than age 60 and receiving retired pay

Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)-Cleveland at 800-321-1080


Prepare a Defense Casualty Information Processing System (DCIPS) message for all members in duty status. Access to download the DCIPS must be requested through AFPC/DPWCS (Air Force Casualty) via e-mail at or by calling DSN 665-3505.

Review these training slides for required information when reporting member's death to ARPC Casualty Office.  

CARS: For additional information or training, please visit the Casualty Assistance SharePoint page.

CAR Training Information

CAR Non-Duty Status Training Slides