The Air Force Reserve is an integral part of our country's dominant presence in air, space and cyberspace, contributing daily to the Total Force mission and is actively involved in global operations.

Civilians may join the Reserve as a Traditional Reservist, attend basic training and technical school, and serve monthly at their assigned home unit. As they progress, new positions open in the Air Reserve Technician, Active Guard and Reserve, and Individual Mobilization Augmentee programs, as well as federal civil service employees.

Active duty members may transfer into the Reserve Component in any available position for which they qualify.

Common Access Cards are required for "CAC Access" websites, and are only issued to currently-serving members. Non-members may contact your local recruiter to see what positions are currently available. See "Contact" at right to find your nearest recruiter.



Traditional Reservists comprise the majority of the Reserve Component. They serve a single mission at their assigned unit, and typically serve one weekend a month and an additional two weeks a year.

VACANCIES: Reserve Management Vacancy System (CAC access)



Air Reserve Technicians are a combination of Traditional Reservists and civil service employees who operate as civilians throughout the month in the same position in which they serve militarily, in order to provide long-term continuity and planning for drill weekends and the unit mission.

They are still subject to all requirements of unit TRs in addition to their daily jobs at civilians, including the one weekend a month and two-week annual tour. They are also entitled to all civil service benefits accrued for the duration of their employment as ARTs.



The Participating Individual Ready Reserve is a points-only program that allows Airmen to continue to serve while earning points toward retirement; however, paid active duty MPA days are available to support certain mission requirements. Explore the six PIRR programs!


To inquire about the remaining four PIRR programs: Active duty, sister service and civilians call a recruiter at (800) 257-1212. Traditional Reservists contact your local recruiter.

  • Chaplain Service Program
  • JAG Reinforcement Designee Program
  • Medical Program
  • Ready Reinforcement Personnel Section (RRPS)



Active Guard-Reserve members are Guard or Reserve Airmen serving a tour on federal active duty for periods 180 consecutive days or greater. They are entitled to most benefits available to active-duty members for the duration of their tour.

Air Force Reserve Active/Guard Reserve Vacancies
(CAC Access)



Individual Mobilization Augmentees are Individual Reservists assigned or attached to either an active duty or Reserve Major Command, Forward Operating Unit, Direct Reporting Unit, joint organization or an outside agency. Annual requirements differ based on position.

VACANCIES: Reserve Management Vacancy System. (CAC access only)

Civilian (Non-ART)

Civilians (Non-ART) are full-time federal civil-service employees, who hold permanent or temporary positions.



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