What is the IRR?

The Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) is a manpower pool comprised of individuals who have previously served in the Regular Air Force or the Selected Reserve (SelRes) and have an unfulfilled portion of their initial eight-year Military Service Obligation (MSO) or other contractual obligation or service commitment (i.e., separation pay election). 

All enlisted military members agree to an initial eight-year MSO upon taking their oath of service. For instance, if a member completes four years of active-duty service and subsequently separates, they are obligated to fulfill the remaining four years in the IRR. Additionally, if the service member transfers to a Reserve Component, such as the Reserve or National Guard, and subsequently separates with time remaining on their initial enlistment, they may also be assigned to the IRR to fulfill the remaining portion of their enlistment commitment.

Officer members also incur an initial eight-year MSO upon taking their oath of office. If assigned to the IRR with a remaining MSO, members will be assigned to the Obligated Reserve Section (ORS).  Upon completion of the MSO, officers will be automatically transferred into the Non-Obligated Non-Participating Ready Reserve Personnel Section (NNRPS) for a maximum of two years (three years for separation pay recipients).  Members may also submit a tender of resignation to request early release from NNRPS.

While in the IRR, members serve as a crucial mobilization asset and are subject to recall to active duty in the event of a national emergency or contingency. Upon mobilization, members will become Active-Duty assets and will be utilized in accordance with the requirements of Active-Duty service. Members are required to report to their designated gaining location on the date and time specified on their orders. Further details regarding uniforms, flights, and other pertinent information will be delineated in the orders provided.


DoD Directive 1200.07 requires screening of the IRR to ensure members are locatable during a wartime mobilization scenario. Screenings are conducted annually to ensure the Air Force has the most current and accurate personal information on IRR members as well as to validate the members immediate availability for a national emergency or contingency operation.

Compliance with this directive is not only a regulatory requirement but also a legal obligation under Title 10, U.S.C. Sections 10204 and 10205. It is imperative for every IRR member to ensure that the Air Force possesses up-to-date information pertaining to their status. Failure to report any changes in status to HQ ARPC constitutes a violation of the law. IRR members may provide their updated contact information via myFSS “Create A Request” form.

For more information regarding the IRR, please review the IRR page found on myFSS.


Title 10, USC § 12319. Ready Reserve: Muster Duty

Under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of Defense, a member of the Ready Reserve may be ordered without his or her consent to muster duty one time each year. A member ordered to muster duty under this section shall be required to perform a minimum of two hours of muster duty on the day of muster and will be compensated (Muster Duty Allowance Pay Table).

Muster duty is critical to both the Air Force and you.  From the Air Force’s perspective, your participation in the Muster ensures our ability to contact you should the need arise, in response to a national emergency; during the one day, 2–4-hour event, we will focus on validating and updating your contact information and medical status. 

Additionally, you will receive the most current information on IRR member benefits & entitlements, which include a military ID card (including eligible family members) allowing access to Commissary, BX, Morale, Welfare and Recreational services, space available travel/lodging, and dental insurance. Additionally, Musters give you first-hand knowledge of career opportunities in the Selected Reserve (Air National Guard/Air Force Reserve) and all the benefits that come with an assignment in the Air Reserve Component.