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What is the IRR?

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The IRR stands for the Individual Ready Reserve. IRR members have an unfulfilled portion of their initial 8 year Military Service Obligation or other service commitment (separation pay election). Members are assigned as a result of recent separation from active duty or a participating guard/reserve program.

All enlisted military members agree to an initial eight-year military service obligation at the time they take their oath. Example: If a member served four years on active duty and separates, they are required to complete the remaining four years in the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR). Additionally, if the service member transfers to a Reserve Component (Reserve or Guard) and separates with remaining time on their initial enlistment, they may also be assigned to the IRR for the remainder of their enlistment.

Upon completion of an officer’s initial eight year MSO, members are automatically shifted into the Non-obligated Non-Participating Ready Reserve Personnel Section for an additional two-year commitment. However, members have the ability to opt out of this by resigning their commission.

While in the IRR, members are a mobilization asset and are subject to recall to active duty in case of a national emergency/contingency. When mobilized, members will become Active Duty assets and will be utilized in a manner consistent with Active Duty requirements. Members are required to report to their designated gaining location on the date and time specified on their orders. Additional information pertaining to uniform, flights, etc. will be on the orders.

It is every IRR member's obligation per Title 10, U.S.C. Sections 10204 and 10205 to ensure the Air Force has up-to-date and accurate information on every member of the IRR. Failure to report a change in status to HQ ARPC is a violation of the law. IRR members may provide their updated contact information to HQ ARPC by submitting the form linked here.

For more information regarding the IRR, please review the IRR page found on myFSS.