ARC Retirements

8 Feb HQ ARPC Retirement Processing Delays

20 Dec HQ ARPC Retirements Certificates Unavailable

20 Dec HQ ARPC Retirements Processing Delays

4 Dec Migration of the Reduced Retired Pay Age (RRPA) applications to myFSS is complete

3 Nov myFSS Reduced Retired Pay Age (RRPA) Application Updates and Feedback

5 Sept Reduced Retired Pay Age (RRPA) Application

6 July Interim Reduced Retired Pay Age (RRPA) Application Process

22 June Update to issues with RRPA Retirement Application and Calculations in myFSS

22 June Disapproved Retirement Application Issue Fixed

01 June Reserve Retirement Counseling Cell Announcement

19 May Issues with RRPA Retirement Applications and Calculations in myFSS

19 April myRetirement

15 March ARC Retirement Application Routing within myFSS

RRPA ARC Retirements

ARC Retirements Transition Plan to myFSS

Reserve Separation System


Service Verification and DD214

DD214-1, Certificate of Uniformed Service, Reserve Component Addendum​

Service Verification and DD214 Live Announcement

Pre-Trained Individual Manpower (PIM) Readiness

15 March Pre-Trained Individual Manpower (PIM) Readiness

Reserve Component Survivor Benefit Plan (RCSBP) and 20 Year Letter

27 March Reserve Component Survivor Benefit Plan (RCSBP) and 20 Year Letter

Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) Project Office Transition

27 March Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) Project Office Transition

ARC Officer Promotions Programs

7 April ARC Officer Promotions Programs

DEERS and RAPIDS Project Office Transition

April 19 DEERS and RAPIDS Project Office Transition

What is Digital Transformation?

 The U.S. Air Force is transforming the way we do business.

Digital Transformation uses the best platforms and digital innovations that the world has to offer aimed to increase productivity and performance while streamlining processes in the future.


MyPers Sunsetting

HQ AF/A1 is in the process of transitioning all personnel systems currently located on the myPers website onto the myFSS and MyVector platforms. This Digital Transformation Initiative directly impacts how we serve Airmen and, as such, it is the number one priority for ARPC.

The deadline for transferring these functions is 30 April 2023; this is when the myPers system will shut down. We are working diligently with the applicable organizations to have them transfer as many functions as possible to these new platforms prior to 30 April.

New Systems


MyVector enables a web-based mentoring network that allows mentees to manage their career development with the input and guidance from a mentor. Mentees will be able to, in real-time, invite participants to serve as mentors, select mentors based on preferences, chat with their mentor online, and complete a mentoring plan.

MyVector allows the user to view their duty experience through career-field-specific experience codes. This structure also allows the user to build career plans based on real opportunities and to share these career plans with development teams and mentors. A Bullet-Tracker option allows the user to track specific events and accomplishments throughout the year for Performance Reports.

MyVector provides Discussion Forums and links to resources for online books and courses that discuss mentoring benefits, the differences between coaching and mentoring, and techniques for managing mentoring relationships.


The Department of the Air Force is giving myPers and the virtual Personnel Center (vPC) a technical refresh by migrating current capabilities to my Force Support Squadron (myFSS).

The new platform improves services to Airmen and Guardians, consolidates human resource applications, and reduces IT investments and vulnerabilities.