Accession is the entry or re-entry (prior service) into Air Force Reserves.

The commissioning of every Air Force Reserve officer is predicated on an approved original appointment for the specific grade in which the nominee is accessed. To ensure only qualified applicants are nominated for original appointment, the Air Force Reserves implements a set of procedures to effectively and efficiently identify and review nominees.

Nominees are evaluated against statutory, Air Force Reserve appointment source specific eligibility criteria during the accession process. To ensure nominees selected for appointment are approved in a timely manner, the Air Force Reserves consolidates nominees into formatted nomination packages and processes them through an approval chain that includes Headquarters Air Force, AF/JAA, SAF/MR, WHS, SecDef, White House and Senate.

Scrolling Nominations is a critical piece of the accession process. All nominees must meet statutory accession requirements and be SECDEF approved prior to oath to oath to officer. Below are some anomalies within the nomination process:

• The importance of being scrolled at the correct GRADE

• Promotions to next grade, identifying to recruiter promotion selection

• Identifying to recruiter any derogatory/adverse actions (UIF)

Available USAFR appointment Types: Judge Advocates, Chaplains, Physicians, Dentist, Nurses, Medical Service, Biomedical Science, Line Pilots, Navigators. All others to include logistics, acquisition and mission support AFSC Inter-service Transfers, OTS, Transfers from Active Duty officers to reserves officers.


Applicable to: Air Force Reserve

Applicants considering commissioning as an officer directly into the USAF Reserve, that meet the educational requirements of an accredited Bachelor’s degree or above may seek appointment into a Line corp or Professional corp by contacting a local Air Force Reserve recruiter.


Available USAFR appointment types:

Professional and medical specialties (non-line appointment examples):

• Judge Advocates

• Chaplains

• Physicians

• Dentists

• Nurses

• Medical Service

• Biomedical Sciences


Line of the Air Force Reserves appointment (examples):

• Pilots

• Navigators

• All others to include: operational, logistics, acquisition and mission support Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSCs)



NOTE:  AFI 36-2005, Chapter 8 identifies eligibility criteria.

• Line of the Air Force to Non-line (Line to Professional AFSC)

• Non-line to Line of the Air Force (Professional to Line AFSC)



Applicable to: Reserve of the Air Force

The Inter-service Transfer Program allows commissioned officers from Reserves of other of Uniformed Services to transfer to the Reserve of the Air Force. The DD 368 signed by approved releasing authority will be sent to Accessions stating member has been approved to transfer to USAFR. 


• Scroll and SECDEF approval are required

• Approval of tender to USAFR is generated by Accessions


 NOTE:  The transition is without being discharged from current military service. 


Applicable to: Air Force Reserve

Enlisted Air Force Reserve (AFR) Airmen who are currently participating with an AFR unit or assigned as an Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA), have an accredited Bachelor’s degree, are under the age of 40 prior to graduating Officer Training School (OTS) (under age 30 prior to flight training for rated positions (does not apply to Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) positions)), and desire an appointment as a line officer can apply through this program.  This program was formerly known as the Deserving Airman Commissioning Program (DACP).


Note: Enlisted members requesting to enter into a professional AFSC may contact an Air Force reserve recruiter to assist with information on Air Force Reserve (AFR) professional commissioning programs and positions.


Assigned Positions

Enlisted AFR members seeking appointment as a commissioned reserve officer must obtain written recommendation from their immediate supervisor, be tentatively selected, and endorsed by the commander in order to secure an AFR officer position. 


• Category A - Unit Assigned Program

The servicing Military Personnel Section (MPS) will identify the documents required, using the Non-EAD Airmen Commissioning checklist, and provide assistance with processing the application package. Once completed, the commissioning application will be forwarded for unit, Wing, and NAF commander (or equivalent) endorsement. Once NAF commander endorsement is obtained the commissioning package will be routed to Air Reserve Personnel Center to verify all commissioning requirements are met and to process a Training Line Number (TLN) for OTS.

• Category B – IMA program

IMA members will work with their servicing HQ RIO Detachment in completing their commissioning package. Please use the following link for complete details: Individual Reservist Non-Extended Active Duty Airmen Commissioning Program. 


Note: Link to the MyPers has information on eligibility criteria, responsibility, required content, etc.



Applicable to: Air Force Reserve

Officer Training School is the direct commissioning source for USAF Reserve Line Officers. The mission of OTS is to produce world-class officers of character possessing the American warrior ethos, prepared to lead Airmen and embodying the Air Force core values.

OTS is a 12-week course of military instruction and leadership development for college graduates leading to a commission as a second lieutenant. The goal of this training is to instill high standards of conduct and provide officer candidates with the essential military knowledge and skills needed for effective performance as Air Force leaders. Specific information is available on the Officer Training School web page.


Additionally, all candidates will complete the Air Force fitness assessment during the first week of training and be regularly assessed in accordance with AFI 10-248, Fitness Program.

Applications approved by the Numbered Air Force commander must be forwarded to HQ ARPC for final administration (i.e. scheduling of OTS, approval of Reserve officer appointment by the Secretary of Defense and publication of appointment orders upon successful completion of OTS). To ensure officer appointments are approved by the SECDEF before OTS graduation and to maximize use of OTS quotas, all approved packages must be submitted to HQ ARPC a minimum of 60 days before the OTS class start date.

Pilot and navigator unit applications will be processed and approved by HQ AFRC at Robins AFB, Ga. Contact member’s FSS for assistance.


Applicable to: Air Force Active Duty Officer to Reserve Officer

A Resigning Regular Officer from Active Duty (AD) process begins with the member and recruiter submitting the nomination to be placed on a scroll for SECDEF approval.  Member must be SECDEF approved prior to date of separation from active duty.

The member can enter into the reserves two ways:

• Member going into the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) due to Obligation or Commitment or requesting to go into IRR. 

• Member can go into the Selected Reserve (SelRes), the member works with recruiter for position into Unit or IMA, (1288).  


Related Resources:

• AFI 36-2005, dated 2 Aug 18, Officer Accessions

• AFI 36-2013, Officer Training School (OTS) and Enlisted Commissioning Programs (ECPS)

• AFI 36-3205, Applying for the Palace Chase and Palace Front Programs

• For AFR commissioning opportunities, call 800-257-1212 to talk with a recruiter or visit Air Force Reserve Website

• For AFR unit members wishing to refer applicants to a recruiter, visit