Evaluations have three primary purposes. 

1. To establish performance standards and expectations, provide meaningful feedback on how well the rated Airman is meeting those expectations and direction on how to better meet those established standards and expectations. 

2. To provide a reliable, long-term, cumulative record of performance and promotion potential based on that performance. 

3. To provide sound information for development of skills and leadership abilities and to assist in identifying the best personnel for advancement through assignments, promotions and other personnel management decisions.  

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Checklists provide guidance for what are acceptable and prohibited comments but are not intended to be the sole source for guidance. Refer to your MPF or AFI  36-2406.

     AF Form 715 OPB

     AF Form 716 EPB

     AF Form 77 (Gap)

     AF Form 77 (Lost or Missing)

     AF Form 77 (Supplemental LOE for Referral AF475)

     AF Form 77 (Supplemental LOE)

     AF Form 77 (Formal LOE)

     AF Form 707 Officers Performance Report Referral Checklist

     AF Form 911 SNCO Enlisted Performance Report Referral Checklist

     AF Form 910 Referral EPR Checklist

     Evaluations Appeal Applications Template

     Appeal Board FAQs

     ERAB FAQs

SCODs and Accounting Dates



If members PCS/PCA BEFORE the accounting date the GAINING UNIT will write the entire performance brief.

If members PCS/PCA AFTER the accounting date the LOSING UNIT will write the entire performance brief.           

NOTE: Change of Rater/Supervisor within the same unit does not constitute the use of the Accounting Dates