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Evaluations have three primary purposes. 

1. To establish performance standards and expectations, provide meaningful feedback on how well the rated Airman is meeting those expectations and direction on how to better meet those established standards and expectations. 

2. To provide a reliable, long-term, cumulative record of performance and promotion potential based on that performance. 

3. To provide sound information for development of skills and leadership abilities and to assist in identifying the best personnel for advancement through assignments, promotions and other personnel management decisions.  

To learn more about Evaluations, log into myPers to visit the Air Force Reserve Evals page or the Air National Guard Evals page. Once on the page, be sure you have selected whether you are Enlisted of Officer. 

SCODs and Accounting Dates

If members PCS/PCA BEFORE the accounting date the GAINING UNIT will write the entire report.

If members PCS/PCA AFTER the accounting date the LOSING UNIT will write the entire report.           

NOTE: Change of Rater/Supervisor within the same unit does not constitute the use of the Accounting Dates

Reserve member with an established EPR cycle prior to the implementation of the SCODs

Verify when the member’s next Biennial or Annual report would close out on.

If the report would close out AFTER the accounting date, extend to the SCOD. 

If the report would close out BEFORE the accounting date, a Biennial or Annual report will closeout followed by the SCOD report. 

EXAMPLE:  TSGT/Reserve/Non-EAD (Verify in RNT for DOR); last report (Verify MilPDS and ARMS) closed out 30-JUN-2014. Next Biennial report (Non-EAD) would reflect 1-JUL-2014 (Day after last report) thru 30-JUN-2016. 30-JUN-2016 is BEFORE the accounting date for TSGTs (3-AUG-2016). Member would receive a Biennial report from 1-JUL-2014 thru 30-JUN-2016 followed by the SCOD report from 1-JUL-2016 thru 30-NOV-2016.