ANG MSD updates, May UTA support

ARPC NOTAM 0016 -- Commanders- ANG Military Service Dates: Starting today, Air National Guard Airmen can request changes and corrections to their military service dates online through the virtual Personnel Center - Guard and Reserve. This online capability is not yet available to Air Force Reserve servicemembers.

Airmen can review their Data Verification Brief on the virtual Military Personnel Flight at and correct service date inaccuracies by providing source documents through vPC-GR and following the simple instructions. Change requests can include current grade, date of rank, pay date and date initial entry uniformed service. Once a request is submitted, customers are e-mailed a tracking number and the Reserve Personnel Contact Center begins researching the request and making adjustments accordingly. More information is available by calling the contact center at 800-525-0102.

Weekend UTA Support: Reserve Personnel Contact Center counselors will be standing by May 5-6 to provide assistance to you and your units from 0730-1600 MT. This enhanced customer service gives drilling Reservists and Guardsmen the opportunity to speak with a customer service counselor during their primary UTA. Counselors will handle the major proportion of inquiries through first-time resolution procedures and knowledge. Other matters will be escalated to ARPC back-shops through the case management system with written affirmation to customers.

Airmen can always request assistance 24/7/365 by logging onto virtual Personnel Center - Guard and Reserve, the customer service Web portal for personnel support, online at  


HQ ARPC Commander