Mr. Mark Maxfield serves as the Director of Staff at Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center (HQ ARPC), Buckley Space Force Base, Colorado. HQ ARPC is responsible for personnel support to nearly 1.3 million Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, active duty Air Force, and retired members, ensuring they are ready to deliver strategic Total Force war fighting capability for the Air Force. From initial entry to retirement, the center provides world- class support for “Generations of Airmen” throughout their military careers.

Mr. Maxfield served three years in the US Army in the mid-1980s and started working for the US Air Force in April 1992 as the Officers’ Club Assistant Manager, Osan AB, Rep. of Korea. After several different assignments, in 2000 he became the Business Operations/Community Support Flight Chief at Vandenberg AFB before traveling to Ramstein AB, Germany to assume Operations Officer duties in 435th Services Squadron, Combat Support Flight.

In 2009, after spending time on the Air Force Space Command A1 staff, Mr. Maxfield assumed the position of Deputy, 51st Force Support Squadron, Osan AB and then in May 2014 he arrived at Los Angeles AFB to serve as the Civilian Leader/Director 61st Force Support Squadron. In September 2016, Mr. Maxfield became Air Force Services Center’s Executive Advisor to United States Air Force Europe Command where he served until July 2019, when he moved to Goodfellow AFB, TX and served as the Deputy Director for Installation Support, 17th Mission Support Group. Mr. Maxfield began his current assignment at Buckley SFB, CO in August 2022. During his career he has held multiple assignments in Germany, Korea, Texas, California and Colorado.

Masters of Military Operational Art and Science, Air University, Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, AL Bachelor of Arts, International Relations, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL
Korean Language Studies, Yonsei University, Seoul Rep. of Korea Air Command & Staff College, Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, AL
Force Support Squadron Leadership, Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, AL
Business and Community Support Flight Operations, Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, OH AF Culinary Upgrade Program, Randolph AFB, San Antonio, TX
HQ/AFSVA Club Management, San Antonio, TX
Mortuary Affairs Officer, Wright-Patterson AFB, San Antonio, TX
Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Facilitative Leadership, Denver, CO Civilian Personnel Management, Ramstein AB, Germany
OPM Interactive Supervision, Ramstein AB, Germany OPM Performance Management, Ramstein AG, Germany

1. Apr 1992 – Aug 1994, Assistant Manager, Officers’ Club, Osan AB, Rep. of Korea
2. Aug 1994 – Sep 1997, Assistant Manager, Consolidated Club, Kunsan AB, Rep. of Korea
3. Sep 1997 – Aug 2000, Club Complex Manager, Laughlin AFB, TX
4. Aug 2000 – Jan 2004, Community Support Flight Chief, Vandenberg AFB, CA
5. Jan 2004 – Aug 2008, Combat Support Flight, Ramstein AB, Germany
6. Aug 2008 – Dec 2009, Business Ops Supervisor, HQ AFSPC, Peterson AFB, Colorado Springs, CO
7. Dec 2009 – May 2014, Deputy, 51st Force Support Squadron, Osan AB, Rep. of Korea
8. May 2014 – Sep 2016, Director, 61st Force Support Squadron, Los Angeles AFB, CA
9. Sep 2016 – Jul 2019, HQ AFSVC Executive Advisor to USAFE, Ramstein AB, Germany
10. Jul 2019 – Aug 2022, Deputy, 17th Mission Support Group, Goodfellow AFB, TX
11. Aug 2022 – Present, Director of Staff, HQs Air Reserve Personnel Center, Buckley SFB, CO

Exemplary Civilian Service Award Meritorious Civilian Service Award

NF-II April 1992
NF-III June 1993
GS-10 August 1994
GS-11 October 1996
GS-12 August 2000
YC-02 June 2007
YA-02 September 2008
YC-03 December 2009
GS-13 August 2010
GG-14 May 2014
GS-14 September 2016
GS-15 August 2022

(Current as of May 2024)