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The TRICARE Reserve Select premium-based health plan is available to National Guard and Reserve members who qualify for and purchase it. TRS is a voluntary, health care plan only available when Airmen are not eligible for any other non-premium-based TRICARE health coverage, such as when serving on active duty or if covered under the Transitional Assistance Management Program. Qualified Airmen may purchase Member-Only or Member-and-Family coverage.

Monthly premiums are at 28 percent of the full premium cost.

Previously, premiums were as much as 85 percent of the full premium cost. TRS offers coverage similar to TRICARE Standard and TRICARE Extra with deductibles and cost shares applied to both the Airman and family members under the TRS plan.

The plan offers all Airmen the option of obtaining coverage for member only or member and family. To be eligible to purchase coverage, Airmen must be serving in the Selected Reserve on the first day of coverage and must remain in the Selected Reserve for the entire period covered. There is no limitation on how long the Airman may obtain coverage as long as qualification requirements are met.

TRS benefits include routine outpatient care (doctor’s office visits); inpatient care (hospitalization); urgent and emergency care, including ambulance services; family health care including preventive screenings and immunizations; maternity services; behavioral health care including partial hospitalization and residential treatment; annual eye exams; laboratory and radiology services; durable medical equipment and supplies; and prescription drug coverage.

To participate in TRS, the Airmen and their family members must be registered in Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System. If not already registered, the Airman must go to the nearest MPF - DEERS/RAPIDS location or call the Defense Manpower Data Center Support Office at 800-538-9552 or go to the website www.tricare.mil/deersaddress to update details or to register.

A key change to the restructured TRS plan is how Airmen qualify for the program. Since Oct. 1, 2007, TRS is available to all Airmen of the Selected Reserve regardless of any active duty served, with one exception: If Airmen are eligible for the Federal Employees Health Benefits program, as defined in Chapter 89 of Title 5 U.S.C., or are currently covered under FEHB, either under their own eligibility or through a family member, they are excluded from purchasing the restructured TRS plan. Once Airmen qualify, they may purchase the plan.


The ADDP provides private sector dental care to ensure dental health and deployment readiness for active duty service members (ADSMs). The ADDP provides dental care to ADSMs who are unable to receive required care from a military dental treatment facility (DTF). United Concordia will coordinate an appointment for routine dental care (e.g., examinations, cleanings, fillings) within 21 calendar days of request and 28 calendar days for specialty dental care (e.g., crowns, bridges, dentures, periodontal treatment).

The ADDP provides authorized civilian dental care under two distinct components for ADSMs who are either:

  • Referred from a military dental treatment facility (DTF) (DTF-referred)**
  • Reside and work (duty location) greater than 50 miles from a military DTF and receive remote benefits through the Active Duty Dental Program (Remote ADSMs)

Learn more at https://secure.addp-ucci.com/dwaddw/adsm/landing.xhtml

Visit http://www.tricare.mil/mtf/ to find a treatment facility near you.


The benefits and entitlements afforded an IMA prior to, during and after activation are the same benefits and entitlements afforded all Air Force Reservists. Of primary interest are the following:

Benefits (Volunteerism & Involuntary Recall to Active Duty (Mobilization))

In addition, members who are involuntarily recalled to Active Duty (Mobilized) are eligible for the following benefits and entitlements:

Transition Assistance Program for Individual Reservists

When you know your time on long-term orders (180+ days) is coming to an end, it's time to start planning your return to civilian life. This is a significant event for you and your family, so you'll want to approach it armed with good information, the right skills and a well-developed plan. The Transition Assistance Program, through the Transition Goals, Plans and Success curriculum, will provide you with the knowledge and practical tools you need to make the switch back to civilian life with confidence.

TAP is a Congressionally-mandated benefits and services program designed to prepare service members and their families for a successful transition to civilian life. TAP helps you answer these important questions associated with leaving the military:

  • What skills, talents and experience do I have that are needed in the civilian workforce?
  • What kind of work do I want to do?
  • Will I need additional training or education to reach my career goals?
  • How do I search for a civilian job and make myself as competitive as possible?
  • How can I make the transition to civilian life easier for my family and me?

TAP consists of a pre-separation briefing, the Transition GPS curriculum, which includes Department of Labor and Veterans Affairs briefings, optional career and technical training tracks, and a final meeting with the member's commander. All Individual Reservists who have served on 180+ days of consecutive orders since November 2012 must complete T-GPS.

Visit the DOD TAP website for additional information.


Q. What is TAP and do I qualify for an exemption?

A. The Transition Assistance Program is a Congress-mandated benefits and services program designed to prepare service members and their families for a successful transition to civilian life. It is required for all members who have served 180+ consecutive days. Members with proven employment or school enrollment (non-PME) are exempt from the Transition-GPS segment of the program. Back to Top

Q. How do I know if my TAP requirements have been met?

A. Your A&FRC can verify your compliance in AFFIRST system if you provide your name and social security number. Always keep copies of your documentation. Back to Top

Q. When should I complete TAP?

A. TAP should ideally be completed prior to orders completion as this will create the least hassle. If you wait until your orders are complete to accomplish TAP, you must complete requirements no later than 90 days after the order's end date.  Your unit is required to make reasonable accommodations to enable your compliance. Back to Top

Q. Can I accomplish TAP when I officially retire?

A. There is no requirement for separating/retiring members to attend TAP.  However if your retiring and would like to attend, contact your Airman and Family Readiness Center for TAP availability. Back to Top

Q. How do I obtain an exemption for TAP - Goals, Plans and Success (T-GPS)?

A. To be exempt, members must have civilian employment or be a student and have confirmed enrollment. No one is exempt from the Pre-Separation Briefing, the One-day VA brief and the Capstone. There are virtual options available to Individual Reservists for all portions of TAP. Back to Top

Q. How do I schedule a VA benefits briefing?

A. The VA Benefits Briefing is scheduled through your Airman and Family Readiness Center, or sister-service equivalent. It is also available through Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) Back to Top

Q. I don't need any of these benefits. Do I really need to attend TAP?

A. Yes. By law, you are required to complete TAP if you have accomplished orders lasting 180 days or more.  TAP should be completed for every set of orders meeting the "180+ day" criteria. Back to Top

Q. Where is my TAP record/status maintained?

A. TAP compliance records are maintained by the Airman and Family Readiness Center in a system called AFFIRST.  Air Force Reserve Command pulls AFFIRST data and submits the data to ARCNet for status updates.  Each installation, regardless of service or branch (i.e. USAFR, USN, USCG, USAF), are required to have a TAP Facilitator/Office to assist you in setting up your TAP needs.  You can accomplish TAP requirements at any base regardless of your assigned location. Back to Top

Q. I have a full-time job, am I still required to attend TAP?

A. Yes.  However, if you have civilian employment, you are exempt the Transition-GPS workshop. Back to Top

Q. I completed TAP when I was on active duty. Do I really need to attend again?

A. Yes.  It needs to be re-accomplished after every set of orders that are 180 days or longer, regardless of whether you previously completed TAP. Back to Top

Q. I have not been on orders in years. Do I have to accomplish TAP?

A. If you served on 180-day or longer orders after Nov. 21, 2012, you are required by law to accomplish TAP. However, if you’re a student (non-PME) or have civilian employment, you are exempt from the Transition-GPS portion of the course. Back to Top

Q. I'm currently on orders for 180+ days an don't want to notify my unit that I'll be gone for a week. What is the minimum time needed to satisfy the TAP requirement?

A. Compliance is required by law and  your unit is mandated to comply and make reasonable accommodations, mission permitting. It is more difficult to complete the requirement if you wait until your orders are completed to attend TAP.  TAP must be completed no more than 90 days after the conclusion of your orders. Back to Top

Q. I have recently completed the TAP requirements. Why did I receive an email about completing TAP again?

A. Even if you have completed TAP previously, you are required to complete TAP for every set of orders longer than 180 days. If you are unsure as to whether or not you are in compliance, contact the local Airman and Family Readiness Center. Back to Top

Q. I'm currently deployed. What do I need to do to complete the requirement once I return?

A. Contact your Airman and Family Readiness Center to set up your TAP participation.  Regardless of the base, branch, or service, installations are required by law to have a TAP facilitator/office and are mandated to allow you to participate. Back to Top

Q. How do I request an extension to complete TAP?

A. No such request exist.  If you have civilian employment or are a student, you are exempt from the Transition-GPS workshop.  No one is exempt from the Pre-Separation, VA Benefits brief, and Capstone. Transition-GPS and the VA brief are also available online. Members have 90 days from the last day of their orders to accomplish TAP.  Be advised that commanders have the option to disapprove future orders until you are in compliance. Back to Top

Q. My continuous RPA orders will roll into a three-year AGR tour. Can I accomplish TAP toward the end of my AGR tour?

A. Yes. However, if there is a break in the orders and the member was prevented from accomplishing TAP during initial qualifying orders, the member must complete TAP within 90 days of the break in orders.  Members are eligible during a 3-year AGR tour. However, not completing TAP during an AGR tour may result in non-compliance if members does not have an assigned unit to endorse the RPA orders after AGR tour concludes. It is more beneficial for the member to complete TAP as soon as practical, when eligible. Back to Top

Q. I have returned to active duty orders. Can I waive TAP requirements until my orders conclude?

A. If the mission precluded you from accomplishing TAP during your initial set of orders and there was a break of 1-day or more, the guideline is to complete TAP no later than 90 days after completing a qualifying set of orders (180+ days). Back to Top

Q. I completed TAP two years ago and no longer have the paperwork. How do I show compliance?

A. You can contact any Airman and Family Readiness Center.  Each installation  is required to have a TAP facilitator/office that is mandated to support you, regardless of branch or service. Ensure the A&FRC when you completed TAP has updated your records appropriately in AFFIRST system.  AFFIRST maintains all TAP compliance records and history.  If you accomplish TAP at a non-Air Force installation, be sure to submit copies of your compliance documents to an A&FRC at an Air Force base to ensure you receive proper credit in AFFIRST. Back to Top

Q. I have no plans to separate from the Air Force. Do I still need to accomplish TAP?

A. Yes. The only exemptions are as follows: If you are a student or have civilian employment you are exempt from the Transition-GPS workshop.  If you were on active duty, completed TAP during that time, and subsequently served on orders longer than 180 days after Nov. 21, 2012, you are required by law to comply and re-accomplish TAP. Back to Top

Q. Where can I track the status (Green/Red) of my TAP compliance?

A. Members can check this by logging in to ARCNet and reviewing the ATMT tab. The "Pre-separation" block will display red or green. Be advised that initiatives are in place to correct system delays that provide ARCNet updates so please be patient. If you require an immediate status update and you have completed all portions of TAP, send an email with the subject line Pre-Separation Status Update Request, with your DD 2958 attached, to arcnet@us.af.milBack to Top

Q. How are TAP orders generated?

A. Member initiates orders utilizing AROWS-R. Ensure that ADOS orders are generated and the following lines of accounting are selected for all TAP order requests in AROWS-R:    

  1. PAY
    Wing: HQ ARPC
    Wing: HQ ARPC

Back to Top

Q. I am currently on a 1095 waiver. How can I attend TAP?

A. If circumstances require, you may complete TAP during IDT or Annual Tour, with the permission of your Active Duty unit. Back to Top

Yellow Ribbon Program

Yellow Ribbon Program graphicHelping maintain resiliency during all stages of deployment is paramount to the morale and welfare of our Airmen and families. The Air Force Reserve Yellow Ribbon Program is a series of events designed to provide members and families with essential resources prior to departure (pre-deployment), a level of stability and support while deployed (during deployment), and successful re-integration techniques after the deployment cycle ends (post deployment).
90 days or more on Active Duty in support of deployment and separated from family.

Member + two guests (or one + all eligible DEERS children). Guests include spouse, grandparent, sibling, parent, children up to age 22 (if enrolled as full-time students), DIs - fiance, best friend, co-worker, boy/girl friend, roommate, adult children, extended family. DIs must be elected in writing prior to departure. Free childcare up to age 12, educational activities for ages 13-17.

Participants can attend three events: One pre-deployment (w/in 120 days) and two post-deployment (w/in 180 days).

Member Entitlements: Paid RPA orders, travel, per diem, hotel room.

Guest Entitlements: ITA order, travel, actual expenses, additional room waiver (if needed).

VA, Financial Management, Tricare, GI Bill, Marriage Enrichment, PHAP, ESGR, A Different Kind of Courage, Key Spouse, Resiliency, MFLC, Single Issues, Stress Mgmt, MOS, Suicide Prevention.

Website: http://www.afrc.af.mil/AboutUs/YellowRibbon.aspx  


Facebook: www.facebook.com/afrcyellowribbon  

Commercial: (478) 327-1041
DSN: 497-1041
Fax: (478) 327-0207 DSN: 497-0207

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