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Career Assistance Advisor

As YOUR Career Assistance Advisor, I can provide guidance on the following items:

Career Management

              Career counseling and mentoring

              Reenlistments and Extensions

              Vacancies Information

              Developmental Teams (DT)

              Special Pay and Incentives (FY 21 Officer and Enlisted Incentive Bonus Guide)         

                             Reenlistment/Retraining (Enlisted)

                             Affiliation/Accession (Officer)

                             Special Duty Assignment Pay                

Developmental Education Opportunities

              Reserve School Selection Board (RSSB)

              Reserve Development Education Designation Board (RSSB)

              Enlisted Development Education Board (EDEB)

Special Boards

              Command E8/E9 Board

              Command Chief Screening Board

              Stripes for Exceptional Performers (STEP II)


Blended Retirement System Continuation Pay

              Link to BRS CP initiation attachment


Survey Management

              Exit Questionnaire



I am from Orange, CA, I enlisted in the Air Force in 1989 and began my active duty career as an Armament Systems Specialist for the 7th Bombardment Group. In 1990, I deployed in support Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Soon after redeployment back to my home unit I separated ending my initial commitment. In 2003, I chose to reenlist back into the Air Force, this time as a reservist and was assigned to the 39th Aerial Port Squadron where I worked in all facets of the Port. In 2010, after almost 20 years to the date, I deployed again and was the Passenger Terminal Duty Officer at Ali Al Saleem AB, Kuwait. Upon my return, I cross-trained and was hired as an Air Reserve Technician Logistics Planner for the 302nd Logistics Readiness Squadron where I helped manage all deployment operations for more than 1200 reservists. In 2014, I left the Air Reserve Technician program and returned to be a Traditional Reservist to pursue a career with the Aurora, CO Police Department as a Management Analyst. In 2015, I left the Police department and volunteered to serve with Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center to help with the Force Development Directorate. I managed and helped to facilitate all enlisted development teams, school boards and the Command E8/E9 Development Board. In early 2017 I was selected to serve as First Sergeant for the 302nd Operation Support Squadron. In 2018, I was selected to become the first Career Assistance Advisor assigned to HQ Readiness and Integration Organization (RIO).



I am extremely passionate about retention and care of the IR population. My goal is to maintain constant career management improvement through innovative and standardized solutions that help you navigate your time as an IMA and beyond. I ensure clear communication exists between the RIO Detachments, IRs and HQ ARPC for all things career management. I manage the Blended Retirement System (BRS) Continuation Pay process. I also work directly with ARPC to insure any Re-enlistment, Affiliation, or Retraining bonuses are processed correctly and paid to you. I am here to assist you in development of your R-EDP/ODP to help you translate your goals to your career functional managers. I also provide assistance for special boards such as the STEP II promotion board and the Command E8/E9 boards. Interested in exploring more professional education opportunities? I can also educate and assist you with development of your school board applications for RSSB, RDEDB and the EDEB. I also work with Force Management with our vacancies across the entire RIO Enterprise. Please get with me if an assignment change is in your future. Since my main mission is you, I want to hear how we are doing in our effort to make it easy for you to serve. I manage the HQ RIO Exit Survey as well as the SRP Enlistment Questionnaire. I want to ensure your voices are heard and improving our processes is one of my main objectives.



Contact me via my org box or by phone. I am here to assist you obtain your career and professional education goals! I look forward to hearing from you.



MSgt Ronald K. Brown

Phone: DSN 847-3187 Comm (720-847-3187)

Email: ARPC.HQRIO.CareerAssistance@us.af.mil

Blended Retirement System

Force Development

This PDF calendar contains dates for upcoming calendar year 2019 development teams, school boards, promotion boards and special boards.

DTs periodically evaluate records to provide deliberate counsel maximizing individual goals and potential through: vectoring (career counsel), Command or Key Position certification, and In-residence DE recommendations.

Reserve Enlisted and Officer Development Plans (R-EDP/R-ODP) are a critical communication link between a reservist, a mentor (optional), the coordinator, and the DT. DPs should be completed annually, or when personal circumstances warrant, to indicate education/training desires, assignment preferences, and goals. DPs are available for update in the vPC Dashboard, accessible through myPers


Developmental Education

EDEB evaluates and recommends high potential enlisted members to attend select in- residence Professional Development courses. HQ ARPC publicizes the EDEB at least 3 months prior to the board. The invitation announcement will contain the EDEB convening dates, the EDEB Application, nomination suspense and instructions, and POC information. 

The RSSB competitively selects Reserve officers to attend short DE, Officer Professional Development (OPD), and joint in-residence courses. The RSSB convenes bi-annually, in January and July respectively, with a posted invitation to apply generally two months in advance of the board. The January board selects for class start dates beginning May through September. The July board selects for class start dates beginning October through April. Members meeting the established criteria (by course) are encouraged to apply through the vPC Dashboard, accessible via RSSB. NOTE: Class start dates are not available in advance; those selected will be notified in their reporting instructions, post board. 

The RDEDB competitively selects Reserve officers to attend in-residence Intermediate and Senior Developmental Education (IDE and SDE) Schools. RDEDB convenes annually in the winter, with a posted invitation to apply the preceding summer. Members meeting the established criteria are encouraged to apply through the vPC Dashboard, accessible via RDEDB. Candidates are required to prioritize all schools for which they are eligible in order of preference. Packages must be staffed through their rater and Detachment CC to their senior rater for final endorsement. 

Social Media

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