This team is specifically tasked with being "on call" for full support for Individual Reservists who are currently mobilized in support of the DoD's COVID-19 response.  Full contact information for the cell will be sent directly to mobilized members emails.  If you have been mobilized and didn't receive any communication from the RRC, please email our org box at RIO.COVID.19@US.AF.MIL.

This page will be updated with current information, links, and guidance for those IMAs and PIRRs who are currently mobilized.  Updated as of 5 May 20 at 1000 eastern.

IMPORTANT: Rather than submit tickets or documents in myPers, the RRC will be handling all your paperwork directly.  To help us, we ask that you use the following template subject line: SUBJECT - Lastname, Firstname.  For example: TRAVEL VOUCHER - Smith, Jane.  In the information below you'll see the specific subject headings.  They are hyperlinked, so if you click them, a fresh email will open with the subject already populated.  You just need to put your own name in.


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  • CTO:  If possible, book your travel through your servicing Commercial Travel Office.  You may be traveling on a VOCO, but the CTO will accept that as authorization for your booking.  If you don't know which CTO to use, you can call your RegAF unit of assignment to get the number.  You can also try calling 1-855-729-8691, 1-855-794-4924, or 1-855-794-4927.  If you run into issues, contact us at the org box with the subject CTO
  • GTC: You need to have a Government Travel Card to pay for your authorized travel.  If you do not, please contact us immediately.  We will also place your card into Mission Critical Status. If you have ANY issues with your GTC, please send an email to the org box with the subject GTC.
    • TRAVEL VOUCHER - 1351-2:  Once you arrive on station, you can use this DD Form 1351-2 to file for an initial travel voucher.  Click HERE for instructions on filling out the form or use this SAMPLE.  You will use the same form to submit accrual vouchers everything 30 days.  Whenever you have the form and accompanying documentation (receipts), email everything to our org box with the subject TRAVEL VOUCHER.  Your signature is the only one needed to submit your form.  The RRC will be your reviewer/approver. 
    • SMARTVOUCHER: An alternative to the PDF 1351-2 is to use the new Smartvoucher from DFAS.  We've provided instructions for using the Smartvoucher system
    • PER DIEM AND TRAVEL TO MULTIPLE LOCATIONS: Your per diem location is based on where you actually are.  Your orders are marked "variations authorized," which means you can file for per diem for whichever location you are on that day and have your travel covered if you are sent to different locations throughout your mobilization.
  • PRINTING OUT YOUR VOCO OR ORDERS: While you don't need to, it's never a bad idea to carry a paper copy of your VOCO or orders when you travel or while you're mobilized.  Can't hurt; might help.


  • ORDERS PRE-CERTIFICATION: Pre-certification of your long-tour orders will be completed for you by the RRC.  Under normal circumstances you would need to submit a pre-certification for your tour via myPers in order to initiate pay.  The Cell is taking care of this for you.  If you do not see pay deposited in your account after the first 15 days of your tour, please contact us. 
  • DIRECT DEPOSIT:  Use this FORM to update the account where you want to receive your pay via direct deposit. Email the form to the org box with the subject DIRECT DEPOSIT.  If you currently receive military pay to the correct account, you don't need to update it. 
  • LEAVE: Any orders over 30 days accrue leave of 2.5 days per month.  If you need to take leave while mobilized, fill out this AF Form 988, Section 1 and email it to the org box with the subject LEAVE REQUEST.  We will sign as the approver and get your leave number generated for you.  When you've completed your leave, fill out section 3 of the same form and email it to the org box the same way and we will take care of the rest. 
  • LEAVE CARRYOVER: If you have leave left over from a previous long tour, you can carry it over to this tour.  Click HERE to read the guidance on leave carryover.  If you decide you want to do that, fill out this blank AF Form 1098 (use this SAMPLE to guide you) and email it to the org box with the subject LEAVE CARRYOVER.
  • FAMILY SEPARATION ALLOWANCE:  Use this PDF form for to apply for Family Separation Allowance. (Some members are having trouble with the PDF version on personal computers.  Click HERE for a .doc version.)  You may be entitled to FSA if you are TDY for more than 30 days and your dependents are not residing at or near your temporary duty station. Email the completed form to our org box with the subject FSA.
    • Part I: In block 5, select "FSA-T (Temporary)."  If you are able to digitally sign the form, please do so.  If you can't, you may print it, wet sign it, and either upload as a PDF (preferred) or take a photo of it with your smart phone and submit the image.  In block 13, you'll need to write your reserve order number from block 13 of your AF Form 938 (orders).  Block 15 will be signed by the RRC; there is no need for you to collect any other signature than your own before submitting to our org box.
    • Part II:  This is for HQ RIO Pay to fill out.
  • TRICARE: When you begin orders of more than 30 days, you and your dependents are automatically enrolled in Tricare Prime.  If you are currently enrolled in Tricare Reserve Select, your premiums should automatically stop being charged.  When you end your tour, your Tricare Prime should stop automatically. If you have any questions about your health insurance that can't be answered on by Tricare (website or phone numbers, which are on the website), send an email to the org box with the subject TRICARE.
  • BAH RECERTIFICATION: Every three years, members need to recertify their BAH with dependents eligibility.  This year IRs need to do their recertification.  While the general program for this will roll out over the next few months, mobilized members can do their BAH recertification now to get it out of the way.  For a full explanation of the recertification program, click HERE.  To do your BAH recertification now, fill out the AF Form 594 and email it to the org box with the subject BAH RECERT. If you need any documentation to support recent changes to dependents (marriage certificate, divorce decree, etc.) please provide that in the same email.  A PDF scan or clear photo of the document will work.


  • UNIFORM ALLOWANCE - OFFICER: Officers are entitled to a cash uniform allowance of $200 if they serve on orders for more than 90 days and haven't taken the benefit in the last 24 months.  The RRC will automatically fill out and send the Uniform Allowance form to you after your 91st day on orders.  When you receive the form, digitally sign (or print and wet sign) it and send it back to the org box with the subject UNIFORM ALLOWANCE
  • UNIFORM ALLOWANCE - ENLISTED: If you are due for your new uniforms and weren't able to get them from your RegAF unit of assignment, send the RRC an email to the org box with the subject UNIFORM ALLOWANCE.


  • USE OF MYPERS: While under normal circumstances you'd submit finance, travel, and personnel forms or questions into myPers yourself, while you're mobilized the RRC will do this for you.  See the red text at the top of this page for guidance on how to submit your paperwork to us.  If, however, you want to or need to use myPers during this time, here are some things you should do now to make it easier for you to access.
  • MYPERS USERNAME AND PASSWORD: If you haven't already, CAC into myPers and establish a username and password.  That will allow you to access some of the more common aspects of the site without the need for a CAC reader. 
  • MOBILE MYPERS: Once you've established a username and password, you can set up access for myPers on your smart phone.  Click here for instructions for Android and iPhone.


  • All end of mobilization tasks will be accomplished case-by-case with an assigned member of the RRC.