Individual Reservist Guide

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individual reservist guide

Cover page for IR Guide

The IR Guide is a robust reference for Individual Reservists to use. It covers everything from pay and benefits to assignments and travel and gives in depth reference to existing guidance and regulations. 


QUICK GUIDES: Quick Guides are a new product being developed by HQ RIO to assist with common tasks and systems Individual Reservists use on a regular basis.  While the IR Guide gives the "big picture," the Quick Guides are a HOW TO.

- IDT Lodging Reimbursement

- Point Credit Summary (PCARS)

- Career Data Brief

- ARCNet

- IMA/PIRR ADCON At-a-Glance

- AROWS-R Tour of Duty Certification (TODC)

- myPers Orders Request (Det 2 and 3 ONLY)

(more Quick Guides are in development)

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