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Training for Individual Reservists

Training Material: Participation and Readiness

Review slides and submit any questions through myPers:  https://gum-crm.csd.disa.mil/app/home

(Click on "contact us", select "Air Reserve", select "Enlisted or Officer", select one of the "categories", input your "subject", then type your "question" )

This training is available 24/7 via the Advanced Distributed Learning System (ADLS). The course takes about one hour to complete, is mandatory for all URCs and provides the tools needed to educate commanders on matters related to the Individual Reserve.

Access this training via ADLS using the following instructions:

New IR Orientation

HQ RIO will host the next IR Orientation (IRO) course Aug 20-23, 2018. Individual Reservists (IRs) gained within the last 12 months are automatically eligible. IRs gained more than 12 months prior to the class start date may attend with HQ RIO Detachment commander approval.

IR Orientations are provided twice a year at HQ RIO, Buckley AFB, Colorado. The course provides IRs with tools and information to effectively manage their Air Force career. Although this training is not mandatory, it is highly recommended.

Registration is now closed for the August IRO. Please note that all attendees must be in a RPA/School Tour status (requested through AROWS-R). Annual tour or IDTs cannot be utilized for IR Orientation attendance.

Please contact your servicing detachment with questions or concerns. Detachment contact information can be found at the HQ RIO website: http://www.arpc.afrc.af.mil/HQRIO.aspx under “Detachments” or “HQ RIO Directory” link or the free RIO Connect IMA Mobile Wingman App.

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