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Notice to IR Airmen: Active-duty opportunity for Air Force Reserve Defenders

HQ RIO Notice to Individual Reserve Airmen

HQ RIO Notice to Individual Reserve Airmen


The Air Force is currently looking for Reserve Security Forces Airmen who are interested in returning to active duty.

This opportunity is for enlisted members of any grade and skill level but does not apply to officers. This is not the Voluntary Limited Period of Active Duty (VLPAD) program in which a member receives a three-year order; VLPAD is for officers.

To initiate the process, visit an active duty recruiter. They will provide the DD 368, Request for Conditional Release, which the member must complete with their unit and receive commander approval. Once processed, the member may enter the active-component of the Air Force with normal enlistment commitments.

High Year Tenure rules apply. For example, a senior airman with six years time in service can only enlist for two years, as their HYT is eight years.

The member’s unit commander is the release approval authority. Once that is obtained, the member will need to be accepted into REGAF service.

Questions may be directed to the member's servicing HQ RIO Detachment.