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How to Read and Review YOUR Officer Pre-selection Brief and/or Officer Selection Brief - Air Reserve Component

This graphic highlights which uploaded articles to the website are also in myPers.

This graphic highlights which uploaded articles to the website are also in myPers.

Applicable to: Air National Guard & Air Force Reserve An OPB / OSB is a computer generated one-page summary of your officer career. An OPB is provided to you if you are eligible to meet a board. You should make corrections and update at least one month prior to board convening date. The OSB is printed right before the board convenes and filed in your officer selection record meeting the board. The brief contains the following information:

Personal Data

Social Security Number (SSN)
Competitive Category

* Line of the Air Force(LAF)
* Judge Advocate General (LAF-J)
* Chaplain (CHAP)
* Biomedical Sciences Corps (BSC)
* Dental Corps (DC)
* Medical Service Corps (MSC)
* Medical Corps (MC)
* Nurse Corps (NC)

HAF ID Indicates your record status (eg. Active, Guard, Reserve Officer)

ARF ID Air Reserve Forces Identifier which delineates your reserve assignment

* Unit Traditional
* ART (Air Reserve Technician)
* AGR (Active Guard/Reserve)
* IMA (Individual Mobilization Augmentee)
* LEAD (Limited recall to Extended Active Duty)
* ALO (Admissions Liaison Officer)
* CAP (Civil Air Patrol)
* RRPS (Ready Reinforcement Personnel Section)
* Selective Service
* ARS (Affiliated Reserve Section)

* NARS (Nonaffiliated Reserve Section)
* ORS (Obligated Reserve Section)
* NNRPS (Nonobligated Nonparticipating Ready Reserve Personnel Section)
* Key Fed Employee

Reserve Section
The section you are assigned to, Example: HQ ARPC

Source of Commission
* OTS (Officer Training School)
* ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps)
* AFA (Air Force Academy)
* Other

Senior Rater
If you do not know, find out from your servicing MPS Officer Promotions/Career Enhancement Office

Aeronautical/Flying Data
If you are not a rated officer, this will read "non-applicable". The aeronautical rating and aviation service code should appear for all rated officers. Rated officers who have not performed rated duties within the last 5 years are disqualified from aviation service when they reach the 5-year point. Total flying hours are based on having a current aero rating and reflects all military flying time; however, weapon system or individual aircraft hours will only reflect Air Force flying time. The five most recent aircraft with 50 or more hours in that aircraft are reflected. Recency of aircraft is based strictly on when the hours for that aircraft were last logged--not on the aircraft qualification dates. Less than 50 hours flying time in a specific aircraft are not displayed; however, the number of hours are included in "total flying hours."

Board Certified
This applies to officers of the medical professions only. This section will be blank for all non-medical officers. Only those medical officers with an M or H prefix on their AFSC or receiving medical special pay will reflect board certification status.

Submit all Board Certs via vPC:

* Log into Virtual Personnel Center (vPC)
* Select the “Action Requests” tab
* Select “Create a New Support Request” in the purple box
* Choose the appropriate component from the drop down menu
* In the "Category" box, choose “Promotions.”
The subject line must read “Board Certification – member’s last name” (i.e., Board Certification – Smith). Attach only one board cert per incident and click “Submit Request.” Manual uploads must be done for every board you meet.,/li>

Developmental Education (DE)
Reflects type of DE (PDE, IDE, SDE) and the word “complete”. If you are a select or attending in residence it will read “select”.

DE courses include:

* PDE - Squadron Officer School (SOS), SOS equivalent, Inter-American Air Force Academy
* IDE - Air Command and Staff College, and Armed Forces Staff College
* SDE - Air War College, Dwight D. Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy, and National War College

Comparable courses offered by other services or foreign governments are acceptable only if completed in residence. Prior service members can get DE credit if they attend an equivalent DE course. DE above the appropriate level for the officer’s grade is not visible to promotion boards. To major, DE above PDE is not available, and to Lt Col, DE above IDE is not available. If verification cannot be made through the ECI computer system, or you have completed DE from another service, you are required to submit a copy of the course completion certificate/diploma directly to the OPR/POC. Ensure your SSN is reflected on any source document provided.

Advanced Academic Degree (AAD)
For promotion to the grade of colonel only - IAW the 12 April 2006 SecAF and CSAF memorandum, data on the highest two academic degrees is visible to the promotion board and is reflected on the OSB. Updates to AAD must come from the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) Academic Coding Branch. When requesting that AFIT send an update message, specify what board the officer will be meeting. Please Note: For promotion to the grade of Lt Col and below; academic degree information is not visible to the board.

AFSC data
Will include Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Duty AFSC

Having current decorations help strengthen your record.

Deployment History

As of March 2009, deployment history will no longer be visible on selection briefs.

Assignment Category
Includes PAS codes, unit, state and tech id

Assignment History Duty Title
Will list the last 10 duty titles held

Participation Summary/History
Shows member’s point history and identifies the member’s retirement and retention year (R/R). This is based on when active status began:

* AD identifies points earned in active duty status
* IDT shows the inactive duty training points
* ECI identifies points members earn through correspondence courses such as SOS for Developmental Education
* IDS points are earned for honor guard duty
* MBR Identifies membership points

Each member of the ResAF is required to accrue 50 points during this period to obtain a satisfactory year. A satisfactory year will reflect a 010000 in the Sat Serv column.