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Individual Reservist Assignment Processing

This graphic highlights which uploaded articles to the website are also in myPers.

This graphic highlights which uploaded articles to the website are also in myPers.

Applicable to: Air Force Reserve

The Air Reserve Personnel Center Assignments Division (ARPC/DPAA) is responsible for the processing of assignment actions for Airmen within Air Reserve components and those being reassigned out of the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR).

The ARPC Reserve Assignments Branch (ARPC/DPAA) reviews/evaluates assignment request for accuracy, validates waiver requirements (as necessary), and processes assignment actions appropriately in accordance with AFI 36-2115, Assignments within the Reserve Components. ARPC/DPAA is also responsible for generating assignment orders (when required), project assignment actions, and updates the Military Personnel Data System (MilPDS) to complete assignment requests.

In certain cases, some assignment actions may require waivers, overage or demotion statement, Date of Rank (DOR) adjustment, an enlistment contract (DD FM 4), or an Appointment order (officers) depending on the applicant's last period of service and applicant's current assignment. All supporting material must be included before the assignment can be finalized.

Reserve officers and enlisted members looking for current vacancies (O-5 and below) in either the IMA program or unit program can view vacancies in the Reserve Management Vacancy System program located on AFPC Secure (Secure Apps) web site. Once logged into the secure site, click on "Reserve Vacancies."

Initial access requires use of a CAC from a government computer. Once a password is established, future access may be gained from a non-government or ".mil" computer.

If interested in applying, submit an AF IMT 1288, Application for Reserve Assignment, to the POC identified (Unit Program - Category A), or to the program manager identified (IMA - Category B), in the advertisement.

NOTE: Officers requesting an assignment must be appropriately appointed to the Air Force Reserve prior to or in conjunction with the assignment action. An Air Force Reserve Recruiter will initiate request for an appointment to the Air Force Reserve (AFR). Interested applicants should contact their Air Force Reserve (AFR) Recruiter at 1-800-257-1212 or visit AFReserve.com or contact your Air National Guard (ANG) Recruiter at 1-800-to-go-ANG (1-800-864-6264) or visit Air National Guard Jobs Website

All personnel categories referenced below (i.e. Cat E) are defined on ARPC VA 36-3001, Description of Assignment Categories.

Organization Responsibilities - RIO/Detatchment, Recruiter, MPS, or FSS

RIO/Detachments, Recruiter, MPS, or FSS serve as the initial point of contact for submitting an assignment application and inquiries for personnel seeking a reserve assignment.

* ARPC/DPAA will only accept request submitted by RIO Detachments, Recruiter, MPS, or FSS.

* ARPC/DPAA will review the assignment request and respond with an appropriate action or comments within 14 business days.

* Submit a complete assignment request to ARPC/DPAA through myPers by following the assignment action request process link.

* For any packages returned for administrative reasons (eg. missing documentation, incomplete package, and errors on the forms, should be resubmitted as a completed package.

* MyPers incident will be kept in waiting status for 60 days pending action from the submitter for incomplete assignment package request. Reserve Assignments will make the following attempt to complete the assignment actions.

* The assignment technician will make an initial attempt to request any missing documentation to complete the assignment update.
* The technician will send a second follow-up within 30 days from date the assignment request was submitted.
* The assignment request will be closed in 60 days if ARPC/DPAA still has not received the required documentation to make the appropriate assignment action and will notify the submitter the reason for closing the request without action.

Attachments must be in PDF format and included in all requests. Failure to include the correct paperwork will cause a delay in processing.

All requests MUST include:
- AF IMT 1288
- AF IMT 1206 (if applicable)

Palace Chase:
- AF IMT 100
- DD 4 (if applicable)
- Approved Palace Chase Contract

Palace Front:
- AF IMT 100
- DD 4 (if applicable)

Involuntary to Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR):
- Approved supporting documentation

IRR to ANG or AFR:
- DD 4 (if needed)
- Waivers (if applicable)
- Statements of Understanding (as needed)