PACOM JIOC seeks qualified intel Airmen

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  • By PACOM JIOC AFELM Reserve Intelligence Directorate
  • Headquarters Individual Reservist Readiness and Integration Organization

The U.S. Pacific Command Joint Intelligence Operations Center, or JIOC, is currently looking for qualified intelligence Airmen to fill Individual Mobilization Augmentee vacancies at JIOC Joint Detachments in Hawaii and throughout the United States.

Positions are available to for both officer and enlisted Airmen possessing 14NX, 1N0X and 1N1X intelligence AFSCs; candidates with experience in targeting and imagery are highly desired. Vacancies are posted in the IMA sections of the Reserve Management Vacancy System in AFPC Secure and can be searched using the location heading Pearl Harbor NAD. Interested service members can also contact HQ RIO Detachment 2 by calling 808-449-0585. 

IMAs assigned to the PACOM JIOC help provide 24-hour, all-source, global intelligence support for all military forces assigned to the PACOM, as well as more than 300,000 warfighters operating in the Pacific theater. The PACOM JIOC produces and disseminates intelligence on political, military and asymmetric threats impacting U.S. and allied interests, and sustains air, space, land, sea, and subsurface military operations throughout the Asia-Pacific theater of operations.  The reserve force is a critical component to the joint-force effort and has contributed to PACOM JIOC being recognized as the center of excellence on Asia-Pacific intelligence issues.

There are about 120 Air Force IMA intelligence billets assigned to PACOM JIOC. These billets are distributed among four joint detachments (JDET), located in Honolulu, Ft. Worth, Texas, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Denver, Colorado. Additionally, JDET Ft. Worth has two off-site drill locations at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia, and Redstone Arsenal, Alabama.  The JDETs are composed of joint-force traditional reservists and IMAs. Each JDET is aligned with a JIOC geographic division (Northeast Asia, Indo-Pacific and China Divisions). 

Some of the JDETs also have opportunities for reservists to work outside of their JIOC geographic divisions.  For example, some IMAs support the Foreign Disclosure Office and Cyber, Human Intelligence/Counter Intelligence, and Targets Branches.  Additionally, there are many opportunities for IMAs to participate in PACOM exercises and serve on long-term orders.  

These IMA billets also offer the opportunity to gain invaluable experience working in a joint environment, collaborating with DIA civilian subject matter experts, participating on high visibility intelligence briefings and supporting the dynamic mission in the Pacific theater.  Additionally, there are extensive opportunities for IMAs to participate in PACOM theater exercises such as Cobra Gold, Pacific Sentry, Pacific Rim, Vigilant Pacific, Ulchi Freedom Guardian, Key Resolve, Terminal Fury and Tempest Wind.  

PACOM JIOC IMAs have a unique role as they participate in monthly drills with their joint traditional reserve counterparts at their assigned JDETs and perform their Annual Tour at PACOM JIOC.  In some cases, JIOC IMAs have the opportunity to combine a larger number of IDTs with AT and work directly with their AD counterparts at the JIOC, participate in exercises or focused training, or provide specialized support to specific mission areas.  The following provides more details on each JDET’s mission, requirements and organizational structure. 

JDET DENVER, Buckley AFB, Colorado 

PACOM JIOC JDET Denver’s mission is to train reservists to be ready for immediate mobilization in the event of war or other contingencies, and provide maximum peacetime intelligence support to the active-component forces assigned to JIOC’s China Division (CH-DIV).  

JDET Denver’s organizational structure mirrors JIOC’s China Division’s Branches. Intelligence analysts with tactical and operational experience in providing all-source intelligence, or who have experience in geospatial and targeting intelligence are desired.  Intelligence analysts are assigned to one of nine intelligence production branches, which include geospatial and targeting, air and air defense, Navy, geographic-political, ground, missiles, cyber analysis, C4ISR and space, and training.  

Analysts are assigned to a branch based on their knowledge and background and the needs of the JDET. JDET Denver contributes to CH-DIV mission by providing intelligence reporting and summaries, briefing real-world critical events, providing core target material production and supporting major theater exercises. 

JDET Denver provides soldiers, sailors and Airmen who are ready to augment the division as needed and contribute to PACOM’s mission in times of war, crisis and peacetime. Much of JDET’s drill weekend schedule is dedicated to maintaining mobilization readiness and supporting the intelligence mission of the JIOC.  The JDET’s monthly drill schedule makes it unique within the IMA world, as our Airmen serve with their joint counterparts one weekend a month.  This contributes to the overall mission success of the JDET and the PACOM JIOC. 

JDET Minneapolis, Minneapolis-St Paul Joint Air Reserve Station, Minnesota

JDET Minneapolis is tasked to provide actionable, timely and effective all-source, targeting and imagery intelligence to PACOM JIOC commanders and warfighters, enabling decisive effects during theater combat operations.  JDET Minneapolis’ mission is aligned with JIOC’s Northeast Asia Division (NEA-Div).  JDET Minneapolis has been identified as a “Center of Excellence” by the Director of National Intelligence and the Defense Intelligence Agency.

As an all-source analyst, team members can expect to support real-world missions by providing assessments and monitoring strategic developments in commercial, state-sponsored activities that affect the PACOM AOR.  The all-source team is comprised of multi-disciplined personnel that enhance and expand PACOM JIOC regional and strategic analytical capabilities.  

Team members will have the opportunity to complete the Intelligence Community Advanced Analyst Program (ICAAP) Training, which benefits both their military and civilian careers.  Personnel assigned to this mission will have a vast array of opportunities to explore while supporting the PACOM JIOC mission.

Imagery intelligence personnel at this JDET work in a facility that was built to National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, standards with a robust mission working alongside some of PACOM JIOC’s top imagery analysts.  JDET imagery analysts also have opportunities to attend numerous training courses throughout the year.  Many of the courses are provided by mobile training teams in Minneapolis, but members can also attend courses away from the JDET.  All members of JDET Minneapolis are provided ample opportunities to support PACOM exercises throughout the year from both CONUS and OCONUS locations.  

JDET Fort Worth, Naval Air Station Ft. Worth Joint Reserve Base, Texas

At PACOM JIOC JDET Ft. Worth, intelligence professionals provide timely, accurate intelligence to PACOM commanders, planners and operators across the Indo-Pacific region.  JDET Ft. Worth is currently looking for qualified candidates for both all-source (14NX, 1N0X) and imagery analysis (1N1X).  Analysts will produce and disseminate reports to active-component subject matter experts who specialize in the areas of transnational threats, geo-politics, military affairs and imagery.
Members will experience a high operations tempo during their IDTs and annual tour while working in a joint environment that actively communicates with decision-makers in-theater who are identifying and accomplishing real-world taskings.  Training at the JDET includes an initial on-boarding with team leadership and formal training, both locally and at forward locations.  Intelligence analysts will also have the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with full-time operators.

JDET Ft. Worth members receive exposure to a dynamic and important mission in a joint environment with opportunities to impact intelligence operations center activities on a consistent basis.  Members require some degree of autonomy in order to accomplish specific tasks, both operationally and administratively.  Individuals with a background in law enforcement, international affairs, imagery, or other intelligence-related fields are highly desirable.

JDET Honolulu (PACOM JIOC), Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii

JDET Honolulu intelligence analysts provide timely and actionable intelligence to the PACOM JIOC Commander and PACOM Director for Intelligence. Analysts fill critical capability gaps in the PACOM Intelligence Enterprise in the disciplines of all-source analysis, geospatial intelligence, counterintelligence analysis, human intelligence analysis, plans, capabilities development, and knowledge management. The JDET is aligned with the JIOC’s Indo-Pacific Division and evaluates a range of key issues across the theater, focusing primarily on Southeast Asia. 

During their IDTs and annual tour, IMAs have the opportunity to work side-by-side with their active-component and civilian counterparts in a high-paced, joint environment, developing intelligence products that are delivered directly to the PACOM commander, and many times up to the Joint Staff and Secretary of Defense. These products include short and long written papers, briefings, collections requirements, and finished imagery reports.

JDET Honolulu members provide valuable stop-gaps to for the active-component force at the JIOC. Members are expected to be proficient in their core intelligence skills and will receive on-the-job training to develop specific areas of expertise required for their assigned portfolio. Members must be able work with little direction, accomplish tasks with a high degree of professionalism and be able to interact with senior civilians and military officers up to the SES and flat/general officer level.  The JDET is in need of individuals with backgrounds in targeting, geographic intelligence, counterterrorism targeting and network analysis.