Notification of Eligibility for Retired Pay (20 year letter)

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Applicable to: Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve

The Notification of Eligibility for Retired Pay letter (NERP), commonly referred to as the 20 year letter, is issued approximately 120 days after the close-out of the 20th Retention/Retirement (R/R) year.

Air Reserve Component (ARC) members will be notified by HQ Air Reserve Personnel Center (ARPC) by mail with instructions to go to the virtual Personnel Center (vPC) “Dashboard” to retrieve their 20 year letter (NERP) and Reserve Component Survivor Benefit Plan (RCSBP) package.

Completing the NERP Online

To access the NERP online application please login to vPC.

Airmen who have misplaced or need additional copies of their 20 year (NERP) letter can obtain them by using the vPC Dashboard, follow the same instructions above, but the 'Online Services Requests' section, click on the '20 Year Letter Copy' link and submit your request.

For Retirees:

  1. Under the 'Still Need Help' section on this homepage, click on the 'Contact Us' link.
  2. Next, click the 'Email Us' link.
  3. Ensure your 'Component/Status' is correct.
  4. Under the 'Category' box, select 'Retirement,' and in the 'Question' box, enter 'Request Copy of 20-Year Letter.'
  5. Finally, click the 'Continue' box, then the 'Finish Submitting' button for processing.