Non-Commissioned Officer Professional Military Education Graduate Ribbon - Eligibility Clarification

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Applicable To: Military

The Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Professional Military Education (PME) Graduate Ribbon (NCOPMER) was established on 28 August 1962 and awarded to in-residence graduates of a certified NCO PME school. Prior to 31 July 2014, only in-residence PME completion qualified for award of the NCOPMER, however after 31 July 2014, "in-residence" and "distance learning" (DL) courses qualify for award of the ribbon.

To provide clarification pertaining to the eligibility criteria contained in AFI 36-2301, Developmental Education and AFI 36-2803, The Air Force Military Awards and Decorations Program, AFI 36-2301 lists the courses that qualify for award of the NCOPMER; however, AFI 36-2803 is currently being re-written to update the changes to the NCOPMER policy.

Accordingly, a key factor for award of the NCOPMER is that each phase of PME only qualifies for one award regardless of how an Airman completed a particular phase of PME (DL or in-residence). In no circumstances should an individual be awarded more than one award for completion of a single phase of PME.

MSgt Smith completes Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Academy (SNCOA) by correspondence and then is selected/completes the in-residence SNCOA course. MSgt Smith is only awarded one (1) NCOPMER for this phase.

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