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IRs should update beneficiaries in new SGLI system

  • Published
  • Headquarters Individual Reservist Readiness and Integration Organization
Individual Reservists are encouraged to log-in to the new SGLI Servicemembers Online Enrollment System (SOES), via milConnect, to verify their coverage amount and elect beneficiaries. 

Members should not be alarmed to find beneficiary data missing from SOES*. Coverage and beneficiaries selected under the legacy, paper-based system remains in effect until the member updates their SOES record. Should a tragedy occur prior to making a SOES election, the paper-based coverage amount and beneficiary(ies) will be certified for payment, ensuring your elections are carried out.

SOES became available in August 2017, when the AF began a 12-month roll-out. SOES enables members to electronically update their SGLI coverage/beneficiary elections 24/7/365 via milConnect and replaces the paper-based process. Each member will receive a notification in their birth month to log-in to SOES to verify their coverage amount, elect beneficiaries and certify elections.

*Under the legacy paper-based process, beneficiary data was only retained in electronic personnel files (PRDA) and were not extractable for inclusion in the data load into SOES. However, life insurance coverage amounts (up to $400K) was able to be extracted from DFAS pay records and loaded into SOES. 

Web-based training for the SOES Self-Service Application can be accessed at: