Distinguished Service Medal and Legion of Merit Qualifying Criteria Policy Change

  • Published
On 12 November 15, the Secretary of the Air Force approved the below changes to the eligibility criteria for the Distinguished Service Medal (DSM) and the Legion of Merit (LOM).

Eligibility criteria changes for the DSM are as follows:
  • CSAF is delegated DSM approval authority for rotating MAJCOM commanders, with no time in position requirement.
  • The DSM time in position requirement is reduced for all general Officers from 24 months to 18 months.
Eligibility criteria changes for the LOM are as follows:
    • MAJCOM commanders are delegated LOM approval authority for all qualifying Colonels in command positions and qualifying Command Chiefs (9E000). Refer to AFI 36-2803 for the qualifying positions.
    • The LOM time in position requirement is reduced from 18 months to 12 months.

    These changes will be included in the next revision of AFI 36-2803.

    Active Duty Airmen with questions should address them to their local FSSs. FSSs should contact their MAJCOM counterparts to resolve or address questions/comments or obtain additional information. MAJCOMs may address questions or concerns of this message to AFPC/DP2SP, DSN 665-2516.