Air Force Form 707 Utilization

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Recent changes to the officer and enlisted evaluation systems provide raters with more flexibility when assessing performance by enabling them to aggregate performance factors in a number of ways so that any one factor would not automatically drive a referral evaluation; a referral is now optional. For example, a failed or non-current fitness assessment status upon evaluation closeout no longer requires an automatic referral evaluation. On 24 August 2015, the AF Form 911, Enlisted Performance Report (MSgt Thru SMSgt) was updated to reflect these changes, and on 18 August 2015 the updated AF Form 707, Officer Performance Report (Lt Thru Col) was published.

The previous AF Form 707 included a separate block for fitness assessment and required mandatory referral for failure. The new AF Form 707 includes fitness as part of the overall aggregated performance assessment. Additionally, it includes a block to allow raters to account for non-rated periods during the overall rating period. During a reporting period, Airmen may exhibit some degree of decreased duty performance or other behaviors resulting from circumstances outside their control. When such circumstances are documented/approved by the appropriate authority, Airmen may be non-rated for a specific period. The authorized documentation or approval authority will vary depending on the nature of the circumstances (i.e., for medical conditions, non-rated period is initiated by the Airman's medical provider). These changes are explained in Interim Change 2 to AFI 36-2406, Officer and Enlisted Evaluation Systems, dated 31 July 2015.

Raters are encouraged to use the new AF Form 707, especially if in the early stages of finalizing reports and when information on the old form can easily be cut/pasted to the new form. However, a transition period will allow raters to submit either form, with the following guidelines:

  • If an OPR is referral, documents a fitness failure or non-current fitness assessment, or if there is a need to document non-rated days, raters must use the new AF Form 707 dated 31 July 2015.
  • The new AF Form 707 is preferred but, if the aforementioned situations do not apply, AFPC will accept the new or old forms through 30 September 2015. Raters may disregard the statement on the form indicating that all previous editions are obsolete (707A and 707B) until 30 September 2015.
  • Use of the new AF Form 707 will be mandatory for all OPRs with closeout dates of 30 September 2015 or later.

The old and new AF Forms 707 have been synchronized so that both accept the same number of characters in each block. This allows raters to cut and paste directly from the old form to the new form.

Points of Contact 

  • For RegAF: AFPC Evaluations, AFPC/DPSIDEP, DSN 665-2571 or commercial 210-565-2571
  • For AF Reserve: HQ ARPC Evaluations, ARPC/DPTSE, DSN 565-5000 or commercial 210-565-5000
  • For ANG: ANG Force Management Branch, NGB/A1PP, DSN: 612-9124/7931 or commercial 240-612-9124/7931