VLPAD AFROTC opportunity for lieutenant colonels, selects

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  • Headquarters Individual Reservist Readiness and Integration Organization
A Total Force AFROTC Detachment Commander Supplemental Selection Board will convene March 6-9, 2018, to consider applicants for summer 2018 AFROTC detachment commander vacancies. Application deadline for consideration by the selection board is March 4, 2018.

To mitigate Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) Detachment Commander short falls, an AFROTC Detachment Commander Voluntary Limited Period of Active Duty (VLPAD) program has been implemented. The AFROTC Detachment Commander VLPAD program provides Air Reserve Component (ARC) line of the Air Force (LAF) officers in the grade of lieutenant colonel the opportunity to apply for extended active duty (EAD) to fill vacant AFROTC Detachment Commander positions for a period of three years and one day. ARC officers selected for this program will be ordered to EAD as outlined in AFI 36-2008, Voluntary Extended Active Duty (EAD) for Air Reserve Commissioned Officers.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Must be a LAF officer in the grade of Lt Col and Lt Col Selects
  • Must be medically qualified for EAD
  • Must have no previous referral Officer Performance Reports (OPRs), referral comments or Unfavorable -Information Files (UIFs)
  • Must have a master’s degree
  • Must be released from respective Air Reserve Component (ARC) unless assigned to the Nonparticipating Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) or the Standby Reserve

Additional Guidelines

  • Limited EAD tour lengths will be three years and one day
    NOTE: When necessary, officers are authorized initial tour lengths of less than three years and one day to avoid entering active duty retirement sanctuary. In accordance with Title 10, USC 12686(b), officers may then waive sanctuary rights for subsequent active duty tours not exceeding 179 days each to allow officers to serve the minimum three year and one day tour length requirement.
  • Officers will not be eligible for deployment consideration.
  •  Officers will not be eligible for promotion on the Active Duty List (ADL)
  • Officers will remain on the Reserve Active Status List (RASL) and will meet mandatory Reserve promotion boards when eligible. NOTE: Officers will not be eligible for position/unit vacancy promotion consideration
  • Officers previously separated from active duty due to non-selection for promotion are eligible to apply if they have been subsequently promoted while in the ARC
  • Officers separated from active duty for strength reduction that received Voluntary Separation Incentive (VSI), Special Separations Benefit (SSB), or Voluntary Separation Pay (VSP) may be subject to recoupment of any separation incentive, benefit, or pay
  • Officers will not have return rights to their current ARC position upon completion of the EAD tour. Officers wishing to apply for a Reserve or Guard position upon completion of their EAD tour must contact an in-Service Recruiter for guidance and procedures.

Application Package

  • AFROTC Detachment Commander VLPAD Cover Letter (Template) to include:
    • Contact information (DSN, commercial duty phone, home phone, and email address)
    • Detachment preferences: Prioritize top 10 choices for available vacancies
    • Previous deployment experience information
    • Member/Family medical certification statement (see Cover Letter Template)
    • Isolated Detachment Understanding Statement (see Cover Letter Template)
    • Investigative Statement (see Cover Letter Template)
  • AF Form 125, Application for Extended Active Duty with the United States Air Force. Applicant MUST check the “Other” box in Section 14 and type “AFI 36-2008, AFROTC Detachment Commander Voluntary Limited Period of Active Duty (VLPAD) Program” in Section 21
  • Letter of Recommendation. Individual Mobilization Augmentees and Participating Individual Ready Reservists require a letter of recommendation from their Unit Commander (or equivalent) and Headquarters Individual Reservist Readiness and Integration Organization Detachment Commander. Letter of recommendation MUST include the following information:
    • The member’s name and rank
    • The following statement: “I certify that as of this date (name of unit) records contain no derogatory or adverse personnel information on this officer, to include an Unfavorable Information File (UIF), nor is this officer currently under investigation for misconduct.”
    • A statement that the commander concurs with the member’s application and if selected for EAD, the member will be released from their reserve/guard assignment
  • Resume (do not exceed two pages): Must Include a summary of all military service and any periods of employment and unemployment; formal education (baccalaureate degree, master's degree, honors and scholarships awarded); professional military education (schools and year completed)
  • Last five OPRs
  • Copies of all undergraduate and graduate transcripts with final Grade Point Averages (GPAs)-transcripts do not have to be official
  • Current Fitness Assessment. Computer printout of fitness assessment history. Ensure three part printout also contains height and weight entries. Applicants who were on a profile and exempt from any part of the test must submit the AF Form 469, Duty Limiting Conditioning Report, reflecting reason(s) for waiver
  • Most recent DD Form 214 (Member-4 copy), Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty or NGB Form 22, Report of Separation and Record of Service
  • AF Form 422, Notification of Air Force Member's Qualifications Status (dated within the last 12 months) indicating "individual is medically qualified for continued military service"
  • A soft copy of an 8 x 10 Official Photos. Photos must be in color, full length (head to toe), front view, and in service dress uniform. If deployed, photos can be taken in ABU’s(minus any sidearm) against a blank canvas
  • OPTIONAL: Up to two letters of recommendation addressing applicant's academic/instructor experience and abilities
How to apply

Scan all documents listed in the “Application Package” section above into one .pdf file. Then, upload your package using the myPers VLPAD application tool: https://mypers.af.mil/app/dynamicforms/display/form/214

For the original posting, which includes further information on position vacancy locations and application routing, visit https://mypers.af.mil/app/answers/detail/a_id/32356.

Please direct any questions or concerns to your servicing HQ RIO Detachment.