IMAs must submit ETP letter for all AT requests by Jun 30th of each year

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Eric Amidon
  • HQ/RIO

IMA's must submit an Exception to Policy (ETP), letter regarding the suspense for Annual Tour (AT), orders on any AT requests not having been processed or approved by 30 Jun 18.


In accordance with AFI 36-2254, Volume 1, paragraph 5.7.1, all Reservists must have AT orders published by 30 June of each fiscal year.


Paragraph 5.7.2 requires a justification/explanation for requests received after that date, to be approved by the HQ RIO Commander or designated representative. The designated representative for HQ RIO is Ms. Dianne Ferrarini, the Director of Operations.


The MFR template can be downloaded here.