HQ ARPC says see you later to Ms. Sue

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Katrina M. Brisbin
Members of Headquarter Air Reserve Personnel Center gathered to honor Eva Susanne Henderson, a native of Southern Germany who after 37 years of civil service retired Friday.

Affectionately known as “Ms. Sue”, Henderson began her DoD career in February 1982 at HQ ARPC’s former location at Lowry Air Force Base, Colorado. While there, she started as a control clerk and worked in the legal office, retirements branch, point credit branch and reserve assignments section. Over time she advanced to become a personnel clerk.

“I have not had a job that I disliked,” said Henderson. “They all have had different challenges ideas and criteria and I’ve loved it all.”

Henderson briefly left HQ ARPC to serve as a supervisor in the “Levy” (assignments) area at Fort Shafter, Honolulu, Hawaii. She returned to HQ ARPC in 1988 and worked in special actions, the surgeons’ office and ultimately was promoted as a military personnel technician in the retirements branch. She remained in that position until she transferred to Sheppard AFB, Texas, in 1998, where she was responsible for all involuntary separation actions for the 82nd Training Wing.

In 2009, she returned yet again to HQ ARPC where she remained until her recent retirement. During the last decade with HQ ARPC her outstanding performance, professional demeanor and work ethic directly resulted in the effectiveness and mission success of programs throughout the Air Force.

Keeping in line with her motto of, “we don’t make widgets here - we’re in the people business” Henderson personally assisted an average of 1,879 customers per year. She was known for giving clear instructions and guidance to customers. Doing so avoided repeat requests and consistently earned her a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

“Ms. Sue” was also known throughout the center for not only her dedication to customers, but to the members who work here. She was often found making coffee for the center at 4:30 a.m. and bringing in various baked goods to make it feel more like home.

Her unique brand of professionalism, care for others and straightforwardness left an impression on all that came in contact with her.

“I can hire a body to fill a seat,” said Lt. Col. Karla Taff, division chief of reserve assignments. “I can never hire a Ms. Sue.”