CY19 STEP II Nominations Due to HQ RIO Detachments by 20 May 2019

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Eric Amidon
  • Headquarters Readiness and Integration Organization

Nomination packages for the 2019 Stripes for Exceptional Performers II (STEP II) promotion board must be submitted to their servicing HQ RIO Detachment by May 20, 2019.

STEP II is a commander’s program designed to promote outstanding and well deserving Air Force Reserve members in Categories A (Unit), B (IMA), and E (PIRR) to one grade above the authorized grade for their position. Only those Airmen who clearly demonstrate outstanding potential should be considered for promotion under STEP II. Promotions are based on a demonstrated ability to serve in the next higher grade. Please see the attached STEP II guide for further information and requirements.

Please carefully review the attached STEP II guide to ensure you are aware of the current approved procedures. 


  • TIG and TIS requirements only have to be met on the Promotion Eligibility Cutoff Date (PECD), not at the time of nomination
  • Fitness must be current at time of nomination AND on the PECD
  • ARPC/DPAF will pull the nominees last three EPRs and Career Data Brief
  • The checklist has been updated:
    • FSS Representative’s signature is required to validate nominee is not an overage, current position number, date of last eval, and decoration and to confirm there are no unexcused absences within the last 12 months
    • Please ensure all items are verified/filled in and the checklist is signed by the appropriate Commander and Command Chief
  • AF Form 1206:
    • AF Form 1206 will be 18 lines in bullet format to include mandatory headings
    • No signature is required on the AF Form 1206
  • The 1206 headings are as follows:  
    • Current NCOs:  Job Performance in Primary Duty, Leadership & Followership, and Whole Airman Concept
    • Current SNCOs:  Leadership & Job Performance in Primary Duty and Whole Airman Concept

Late and/or incomplete nominations will NOT be returned for correction(s) and will NOT be eligible to meet the board. 

Each nominating agency must submit nominations to their respective Detachments via vPC by logging into the vPC Dashboard on the myPers website or by emailing their organizational mailbox:

2019 STEP II Guide

myPers Website:

HQ RIO Website: