IMAs must submit all AT requests by 30 May 19

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Eric Amidon
  • Headquarters Readiness and Integration Organization

Per AFI 36-2254 vol. 1, para 5.7.1, all reservists must have annual tour (AT) orders published by 30 June each fiscal year. This requirement ensures funding for AT orders is secured.

Because AROWS-R will be unavailable from 31 May 19 through 15 Jun 19 due to a financial system upgrade, all AT requests by IMAs for the remainder of FY19 must be submitted through the Air Reserve Orders Writing System-Reserve (AROWS-R) no later than 30 May 19.  Please note that this a change from the regular 1 June suspense.

Due to fiscal constraints across the Air Force Reserve, funding for late AT requests will likely not be approved.  IMAs who do not submit AT orders requests for the remainder of the fiscal year by June 1, 2019 should contact their servicing HQ RIO Detachment for guidance on submitting a participation waiver and identifying impacts to their annual participation requirements. 

If a member is unsure of the actual dates they will perform their duty, they should submit an orders request for the approximate dates of their AT. This will obligate the funding and the orders can be modified to adjust dates once they are solidified.