HQ ARPC announces CY20 ARC Selection Board Schedule

  • Published
  • By Air Reserve Personnel Center Public Affairs

The Calendar Year 2020 Air Reserve Component Selection Board Schedule was released by the Selection Board Secretariat, under ARPCM 19-12, dated June 12, 2019.

ARPCM 19-12 can be found on myPers as well as the ARPC/PBO restricted access site. The ARPCM includes:

  1. The CY20 board schedule
  2. Key events and dates for all centralized ARC promotion boards, Air National Guard Federal Recognition, Air Force Reserve Command Screening and Brigadier General Qualification boards
  3. Basic eligibility criteria for date of rank and time in grade, and a listing of action offices to use when working issues for upcoming boards  

The schedule can also be found on the ARPC public website by clicking here. The boards will convene at the Air Reserve Personnel Center, Buckley AFB, Colo.