SAPR/SP training requirement update

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With just over two weeks left in the calendar year to complete the annual SAPR/SP requirement, please contact your assigned Unit Training Manager to inform them if you are unable to accomplish the training and he/she will request the training link from HAF. HQ RIO did not get approved to forward the SAPR/SP link as previously planned.

What Next
Confirm your duty days with the schedule face to face training your assigned unit is hosting the Calendar Year 2020 Trainings.

Future state?  
HQ RIO is not approved to compile a list of IRs needing the training nor are we approved to create a training per HAF. Every IR has a responsibility to complete the training with their assigned RegAF unit and make arrangements to complete a one on one training with a base assigned Violence Prevention Integrators office. It is the responsibility of your assigned RegAF unit to update ADLS upon completion of the annual training. If at the end of calendar year 2020 you have exhausted all avenues and have been unable to attend the mass or a face to face training, your Unit Training Manager may request the web link to complete the training at:

As a reminder, a detailed message as to why you are/were unable to attend a mass or face to face training will be required for consideration of approval.

Your HQ RIO Readiness & Training Team