HQ RIO announces FY20 Individual Reservist Orientation dates

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Individual Reservists are eligible to attend the Individual Reservist Orientation (IRO) hosted by Headquarters Individual Reservist Readiness & Integration Organization (HQ RIO), Readiness & Training Team. The next IRO is scheduled for May 19-21, 2020, at Buckley Air Force Base, Colo.  There will also be an IRO August 25-27, 2020 at the same location.

The IRO equips members with knowledge to make it easier to serve. The deadline to apply is April 15, 2020. Space is limited to 80 seats. All attendees will attend in a School Tour status. Annual Tour or Inactive Duty Training days are not authorized for attendance.

The IRO targeted audience is for newly assigned IRs who are within one year of being assigned as an IR. If a member is outside the one-year window and has NOT attended a previous IRO, he/she is still eligible to attend, but will be considered only after IR's within the one-year window of assignment have filled seats. 

The course is also open to Unit Reserve Coordinators and supervisors of IRs, but are still unit funded and dependent upon available space. 


1. Login to myPers http://mypers.af.mil
2. Below the myPers logo, select “Incidents/Messages”
3. Click “Email Us”
4. Component – Air Reserve (All – Select Officer or Enlisted)
5. Category – Training
6. Subject – “IRO Orientation Registration – May 2020”

Question Block:
-Detachment Assigned
-Contact phone number (cell/duty phone)
-Personal/work email
-Travel Mode (commercial air/POV if you are in the local area)
-Category assigned from (RegAF, Traditional Unit, Air National Guard, Sister Service)
-Are you willing to be a rental car driver?

**GTC is mandatory. If you do not have a GTC, you will be not eligible to attend**

Thank you for your continued support!

Your Readiness & Training Team