HQ ARPC Announces Changes to Senior Enlisted Professional Development Boards

  • Published
  • By by Maj. Joe Simms

Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center hosted the final Command E-8/E-9 Development Team Board at Buckley Air Force Base, Colo., July 27-31.

In the future, Senior Master Sergeants will meet their functional development team board while Chief Master Sergeants will meet the combined E-9 DT Board and Reserve Command Chief Screening Board.

These changes were made by the command in an effort to provide adequate vectors and feedback for Reserve Citizen Airmen in senior enlisted positions. 

“There was a great deal of effort invested in the Command E-8/E-9 DT while there are very few key positions for senior master sergeants,” said Chief Master Sgt. Timothy White, Command Chief Master Sergeant, Air Force Reserve Command. “As a command, we need to refocus our efforts on the functional development teams to provide more meaningful feedback to our members”

The changes to the Command E-8/E-9 DT are a direct result of feedback from the field, according to Chief White. The impact of these changes will not only benefit senior enlisted members, but Airmen and NCOs as well.

“By developing our senior NCO leaders, we are also developing our junior enlisted,” White said. “This is only one of several changes coming as we evolve to meet the needs of our future senior leaders. Reforming our force development processes will allow us to be able to provide the right leader at the right time to mentor our enlisted force and meet our mission requirements.”

The goal of the Air Force Reserve enlisted force development program is to produce Airmen who possess the tactical expertise, operational competence, and strategic vision to lead and execute the full spectrum of Air Force missions. This is accomplished through holding bi-annual functional development team boards and enlisted development education boards. Facilitation and oversight of these boards is accomplished by members of HQ ARPC.

“At the heart of the AF Reserve’s enlisted force development program is the Reserve Enlisted Development Plan (R-EDP),” said Senior Master Sgt. Courtney Strickler, Assignments Superintendent, HQ ARPC. “These development plans provide members an opportunity to communicate their personal and professional goals directly with senior leaders within their career field. In turn, the vectors and recommendations provided by the DTs are designed to ensure opportunities and expectations are transparent to all Reserve Citizen Airmen.” 

By providing real-time feedback and impactful vectors, senior leaders can also enhance Airmen’s understanding of their role in force development. Connecting education, training and career broadening opportunities with these vectors, board members are better able to develop a qualified pool of resilient leaders. 

As AFRC prepares for next year’s first combined E-9 DT and Command Chief Screening Board, HQ ARPC will provide updates every step of the way on the HQ ARPC website.