Innovative Youngstown ARS Airman assists with HQ ARPC mission

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Hanna Smith
  • Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center Public Affairs

Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center is the organization charged with executing policies that impact the Air Reserve Component, as well as providing direct support to wing-level Force Support and Commander Support Staffs.

The largest directorate within HQ ARPC is the Directorate of Total Force Services. This directorate provides a wide variety of services including the processing of retirements, evaluations, recognitions (formerly known as awards and decorations), and DD 214s.

Senior Airman Lamont Hicks, a personnel specialist assigned to DPT, has become a key member of both the evaluations and the recognitions sections since his selection for a temporary duty assignment at HQ ARPC just five months ago.

“I came to ARPC’s Directorate of Total Force Services from the 910th Security Forces Squadron’s Command Support Staff at Youngstown Air Reserve Station in Ohio,” said Hicks. “This experience working for ARPC has been the first time I have been selected by the Air Force Reserve to serve outside of my home unit. I’ve learned so much on this assignment in the short span of time that I’ve been here. I am truly grateful for the opportunity afforded to me and I can’t wait to share all of the knowledge I’ve gained here with my team back at my home unit. ”

As a personnelist in the Evaluations and Recognitions sections, Hicks and his team oversee all evaluations for HQ ARPC personnel including enlisted and officers and he assists in handling award and decoration submissions for all members for HQ ARPC.

Hicks also accommodates external customers like members of the Air National Guard by initiating annual and bi-annual reports for the ANG that are needed to ensure each member’s performance is documented and placed into the member’s records.

In a short period of time, Hicks has made a significant impact on the organization in a number of ways.

“So far in my time here at ARPC, I have created a decoration checklist that allows for a more efficient and streamlined processing of decorations for members,” said Hicks. “I also have become a sponsor for incoming Airmen to the unit. I still am relatively new to the experience of ARPC, but I really appreciate all it has to offer.”

When not in uniform, Hicks pushes himself to grow out of his comfort-zone and pursue opportunities to make himself a more well-rounded individual.

“Currently I am working toward getting my real estate license,” said Hicks. “I also have established a media company in my home state of Ohio. My main goal with the media company is to unite the world through song within COVID-19 guidelines.”

While both his military and civilian endeavors keep him busy, Hicks still has some goals he would like to attain.

“A personal goal of mine is that I want to give back to my family and community,” said Hicks. “I would love to mentor and donate back to my home community. I want to show kids that where they come from doesn’t have to define them and that leading an honest, successful career is possible.”

As for his military career, Hicks stated that he hopes to one day become a sergeant and eventually commission to become an Air Force officer.

Hicks credits his experience at HQ ARPC for giving him the experience and confidence to tackle future missions.

“I truly believe I can go anywhere after this mission and be able to swim,“ he said.