HQ ARPC Evaluations team delivers virtual training to more than 300

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The Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center's Evaluations branch virtually delivered training to 332 fellow service members and civilian employees on Jan. 20, 2021. The training primarily consisted of an in-depth review of the Air Force form 910, the enlisted performance report for airman basic through technical sergeant ranks. 

In previous years, Evaluations team members facilitated training for an approximate class size of twenty, on site, at the headquarters. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 environment, the training couldn't safely be accomplished in person and was moved to a virtual platform. A notable benefit of the virtual training was the expanded participation. Instead of roughly 20 members attending training, many more were able to attend and ask questions, which facilitated targeted feedback.

Those who could not attend the training on January 20th can still view the videos at their leisure via video on both YouTube here (not viewable on Air Force network) and the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service site here (viewable on the network).

The YouTube video is especially helpful because it provides time marks listed in the video description that allows one to select which part of the AF form 910 to review or re-visit. In addition, this video provides information regarding common errors to assist in performance of the evaluation review. Please be sure to watch it before requesting assistance.

The Evaluations team can assist with your questions via myPers, which is our communication venue of choice as it allows all technicians the means to work a specific incident. Contacting technicians directly for assistance creates a single point of failure should that particular technician be unavailable.