ARPC announces September 2023 Special Boards (SBs) and Special Selection Boards (SSBs) Release

  • Published
  • By ARPC Public Affairs
  • Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center

Air Reserve Personnel Center officials announced results for September 2023 SBs and SSBs today, January 19. Since these promotions boards are not mandatory boards, ARPC will send notifications to officers who were selected or who were not selected by the boards.

The SBs and SSBs convened at ARPC September 11-15. Officers who met these boards were previously notified they would be meeting the boards in September.

A list of officers selected for promotion from the SBs and SSBs is available online on MyFSS under the Air Reserve Officer Promotion page.

For more information, submit a ticket through myVector, using the “My Applications” link. Go to “ARPC Officer Promotions” and using the drop-down menu select “ARPC Promotion Board Counseling and Policy”.