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Force Development Update

ARPC NOTAM 0015 -- Commanders- Since becoming host for Reserve Force Development Teams nearly a year ago, 18 Development Teams, representing 15 career fields have convened at ARPC, providing more than 7,900 deliberate career and developmental education vectors to officers. Development Teams use the online Reserve Officer Development Plan (R-ODP) to provide deliberate counsel to all AFR officers.

Lt. Gen. John A. Bradley, Chief, Air Force Reserve and AFRC commander, emphasized in the recently released Development Team welcome video, "Force Development recognizes the value of our most important resource -- our people -- and provides them with the right set of skills to help them be the best they can at supporting our Air Force." The video is available here.

Please encourage your reservists to fill out their R-ODP at https://afrctools.afrc.af.mil/FDP/z_Career_Dev.asp. This plan is a vital communication link between an officer's desires and constraints, the supervisor's endorsement and the Development Team's recommendations.

Force Development will not only sharpen our primary specialties, but will also help us prepare for tomorrow's wider requirements. For more information, call Lt. Col. Vince Bugeja, ARPC's Chief of Force Development, at 800-525-0102 and ask to be transferred to the Personnel Force Development Division.


HQ ARPC Commander