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ANG MSD updates, May UTA support

ARPC NOTAM 0016 -- Commanders- ANG Military Service Dates: Starting today, Air National Guard Airmen can request changes and corrections to their military service dates online through the virtual Personnel Center - Guard and Reserve. This online capability is not yet available to Air Force Reserve servicemembers.

Airmen can review their Data Verification Brief on the virtual Military Personnel Flight at http://www.afpc.randolph.af.mil/vs/ and correct service date inaccuracies by providing source documents through vPC-GR and following the simple instructions. Change requests can include current grade, date of rank, pay date and date initial entry uniformed service. Once a request is submitted, customers are e-mailed a tracking number and the Reserve Personnel Contact Center begins researching the request and making adjustments accordingly. More information is available by calling the contact center at 800-525-0102.

Weekend UTA Support: Reserve Personnel Contact Center counselors will be standing by May 5-6 to provide assistance to you and your units from 0730-1600 MT. This enhanced customer service gives drilling Reservists and Guardsmen the opportunity to speak with a customer service counselor during their primary UTA. Counselors will handle the major proportion of inquiries through first-time resolution procedures and knowledge. Other matters will be escalated to ARPC back-shops through the case management system with written affirmation to customers.

Airmen can always request assistance 24/7/365 by logging onto virtual Personnel Center - Guard and Reserve, the customer service Web portal for personnel support, online at http://arpc.afrc.af.mil/vPC-GR.  


HQ ARPC Commander