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Guard-specific capabilities go online

DENVER -- ANG gets automated services
Air National Guardsmen gained access to online personnel services March 5.

Through the virtual Personnel Center - Guard and Reserve, Guardsmen around the world are able to correct or change their duty history by logging on to the vPC-GR.

"The ultimate goal is to improve and streamline how we deliver personnel services to our Air National Guardsmen," said Col. Ann Shippy, ARPC commander. "We're excited to serve our Airmen more efficiently."

Previously, Guardsmen had to visit their local Military Personnel Flight or call several agencies to correct their duty history. Now, no matter the time of day, Air National Guardsmen can log on to the vPC-GR. To access it, they will need to establish an account by answering a few questions to receive a user name and password.

Once an account is established, they click on the "Correct Duty History" link and annotate their desired changes, attach any relevant supporting documentation such as: enlisted performance reports, officer performance reports, special orders, general orders, etc., and click on "submit."

Once a correction request is submitted, the customer will be e-mailed a tracking number. Moreover, when the actions are completed, they will receive an e-mail letting them know. ARPC continues to work with ANG officials to automate or centralize retirements, service dates and ANG points by May 1.

For more information about ARPC Personnel Services Delivery, visit http://arpc.afrc.af.mil/psd

Retirement application process goes online
Eligible members of the Air National Guard joined their Reserve counterparts March 15 and can submit retirement applications electronically via the virtual Personnel Center - Guard and Reserve.

This is the second Guard-specific capability added to the 24-hour customer service Web portal operated by the Air Reserve Personnel Center here. Reservists have been submitting the applications online since July.

"Our ultimate goal is to improve and streamline how we deliver services to our Total Force Airmen," said Col. Ann Shippy, ARPC commander. "We're leveraging technology and Web applications to efficiently deliver service to our customers."

Previously, National Guard Airmen had to visit their local Military Personnel Flight, complete the required retirement application package, submit it to their supervisor or commander, and send it to ARPC.

This Web-enabled service is available at any time from anywhere in the world and will give Airmen the ability to monitor the status of their application from start to finish. Guard Airmen can log on to the vPC-GR at http://arpc.afrc.af.mil/vPC-GR/default.asp?cat=2 to begin the process and see other Guard-specific options.

When the application is submitted, the customer is e-mailed a tracking number. After the Airman's commander has electronically endorsed the application, the Reserve Personnel Contact Center at ARPC will verify eligibility and finalize the application.

Once approved, the vPC-GR will send e-mail notifications to the Airman and his or her commander. This new process applies to Airmen who initiate a retirement application online. It does not apply to Airmen who have already applied for retirement through their local MPF. Their applications will be migrated into the system by ARPC.

Paper retirement applications initiated after April 15 will no longer be accepted by ARPC. 

ARPC and the Air Force Personnel Center are working simultaneously on centralizing and automating many of their processes for the Total Force.