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New official Air Force message system coming

DENVER -- The Automated Message Handling System will replace the Defense Messaging System, which can allow spam and junk mail to come through with official messages, officials said. 

As part of this transition the Air Force will turn off "organizational mailboxes" possibly as early as June. 

"The new system, AMHS, will be much safer and much less prone to spam" said Steve Hannan, ARPC's Communications and Information director. "To get ready, SC will work with each directorate to build new distribution lists to replace existing organizational mailboxes. We'll find the best solution for each effected directorate. 

"Since very few of us use organizational mail boxes; most of us will use distribution lists in the future." Mr. Hannan said. "In those cases where an 'organization mailbox' is in use, SC will get with every directorate to build new distribution lists to accomplish their individual mission requirements. 

"This will also totally eliminate the possibility of e-mails sitting in mailboxes that rarely, if ever, get accessed" he said. The 21 DMS users assigned to ARPC won't see much difference in the systems said Senior Master Sgt. Vince Devera, SC superintendent. 

"AMHS provides the same message capabilities," he said. "The only difference is that it's Web-based, centrally managed and much more secure."