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Guard capability launches Monday

DENVER -- Air National Guardsmen will begin using the virtual Personnel Center - Guard and Reserve on Monday when the system launches the first Guard-Reserve on Monday when the system launches the first Guard-specific capability. 

"The ultimate goal is to improve and streamline how we deliver personnel services to our Airmen," said Col. Ann Shippy, Air Reserve Personnel Center commander. "We're excited to serve the Air National Guard more efficiently." 

Previously, Air National Guardsmen had to visit their local Military Personnel Flight or call several agencies to correct their duty history. Now, no matter the time of day, ANG Airmen can log onto the vPC-GR.

While Monday marks the first official capability launched for Guard Airmen, ARPC Contact Center counselors have been answering their questions for quite some time. 

"The difference is the Guardsmen actually can log onto the vPC-GR, attach the necessary documentation and complete their transactions themselves," said Patricia Camara, contact center supervisor. "There is no longer a need to fax the documents to us." 

This is the first of many capabilities geared toward Air National Guardsmen.Future launches include retirement applications, points, service dates, enlisted promotions and duty status.