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Better business

DENVER -- Officials at the Air Reserve Personnel Center continue to seek ways to improve personnel services for the Air Reserve Component.

More than 50 business executives visited ARPC on Thursday to gather information about the services ARPC provides. The visit was part of the Air Force's Request for Information from potential contractors, as the Air Force looks to transform delivery of personnel service capabilities. 

"Our Air Force, the greatest Air Force in the world, is such, because of our cooperation
with our industry partners," said Col. Ann Shippy, ARPC commander. "Following this legacy, ARPC is reaching out to industry in seeking world-class solutions by soliciting their help to better serve all of our customers." 

In April 2007, the Air Force plans to release a Request for Proposals from potential "strategic" partners, who will submit their proposals on what support they could provide to the Air Force's PSD transformation efforts. 

"A strategic partner has knowledge of your business enterprise," said Dave Aldrich, ARPC's director of Personnel Services. "They sit alongside you and provide you with ways to transform that enterprise." 

Unlike the A-76 process, which is a competitive process aimed at who can provide
service most effi ciently, the RFI and RFP process is designed to gain business partners who can advise and assist the Air Force in improving areas such as personnel service delivery.