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Online retirement applications require review, coordination, monitoring

DENVER -- The Air Reserve Personnel Center has had many Airmen successfully approved for retirement using the vPC-GR online application since it launched in July. In fact, of the 4,920 applications entered into the system, 2,949 have been approved.

A problem recently noticed is that of the 655 applications awaiting commander's action, 295 of them have been "in coordination" for more than 60 days.

"That is frustrating for everyone involved with the process, especially the Airmen who are ready to transition to the retired reserve," said Col. Ann Shippy, ARPC commander. "We are doing everything we can to help with this situation."

One thing retiring Airmen can do to ensure their application is on track is verifying their commander's e-mail address and checking their application status weekly, Colonel Shippy said.

They can do this by logging into the vPC-GR and selecting the retirement application link.

If the commander or program manager has coordinated on the application, the status will reflect "completed."

If there is no change in its status after 30 days, Airmen should notify their commander to ensure he or she has seen the application. If the commander hasn't, that is the time for the Airman to call the ARPC Contact Center at 800-525-0102 to ensure there is no delay in the approval process.

Commanders at all levels need to take action when a retirement application from vPC-GR is received, Colonel Shippy said.

"We encourage you and your staff to develop local policy to ensure the Airman has met the requirements for retirement and the needs of your organization," the commander said.

ARPC is continually improving processes and looks forward to launching several enhancements to make the online retirement process even easier in the future, Colonel Shippy said.