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Year-end report ARPC commander highlights center's 2006 successes

DENVER -- Well, the accomplishments of the men and women of the Air Reserve Personnel Center were spectacular last year. Here is my list of top achievements that my Airmen helped make possible in 2006.

1. Deployed our first three Personnel Services Delivery capabilities (Duty History Correction, Retirements, Awards and Decorations). Produced PSD marketing video for distribution throughout the command, and signed up more than 32,000 active subscribers to virtual Personnel Center - Guard and Reserve. Additionally, the Reserve Personnel Contact Center supports Unit Training Assemblies the first weekend of each month. And we completely redesigned the ARPC Web site to new Air Force and AFRC standards.

2. Established an entirely new Force Development Division in ARPC to execute the Development Team portion of FD. Hosted and facilitated 10 Development Teams delivering more than 4,000 assignment and Developmental Education vectors for Air Force Reserve officers.

3. Flawlessly executed 250 promotion selection, continuation and special selection boards considering more than 8,600 candidates. Consolidated 4th, 10th and 22nd Air Force's senior master sergeant and chief master sergeant Promotion Enhancement Program boards at ARPC.

4. Conducted Individual Ready Reserve Musters at 19 active-duty bases, five Reserve bases, two Air National Guard bases and two at ARPC - more than 2,000 IRR members screened.

5. Completed six months ahead of schedule the full-scale decentralization of all Individual Mobilization Augmentees' medical/dental records to active-duty Military Treatment Facilities.

6. Stood up the Mobilization Assistant support office with a budget of $2.9 million to provide program management and personnel support to 109 MAs. Built and executed the first-ever centralized Military Personnel Appropriation orders execution process.

7. Fully participated in the Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System review to ensure all Reserve- and Guard-specific requirements were met. Thirty-four of our subject matter experts participated in events to prepare for the future system.

8. Negotiated with the Air National Guard to begin centralizing their Military Personnel Flight transactional workload to Denver -- first step to making ARPC the personnel Center for the Air Reserve Component. The Guard brought funding to the table and is included in the new building design for the upcoming move to nearby Buckley Air Force Base. They will begin to assign 130-plus folks to ARPC beginning in October 2007 as their MPF workload transitions to Denver.